SGP: Adepticon wishes and predictions

Welcome back to SG Protocol.

With Adepticon about to start in the next couple of days and AMG having used it last year to give us a bunch of previews (some even came out just this month, or are delayed like for me…) I wanted to make a fun wishful thinking list of what they could announce this year. With a marker of how likely I think that is.


Nimrod. The super Sentinel has appeared on a TTC and was named by Will Shick as someone who is bound to come out (which in fairness might have been a joke but I think Shick knew what he was doing there). Nimrod also makes the smallest and struggling affiliation of the Sentinels bigger and (hopefully) better.

Likelihood: Pretty Likely.

Dracula. We’ve seen his art at the end of Ministravaganza which makes him by far the safest bet here.

Likelihood: almost guaranteed.

Elsa Bloodstone. A fan favourite, a potential second Midnight Sons leader and someone who would be fitting in a box with Dracula, Elsa Bloodstone isn’t too far of a stretch I think. She has appeared on a TTC too.

Likelihood: somewhat likely.

Wonder Man. One of the few missing more prominent Avengers and someone who has appeared on a TTC.

Likelihood: rather unlikely.

Fantastic Four. No.

Doctor Doom. Yes. But more seriously: No.

Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing. Would make a perfect dual box and fit with a release wave of Dracula.

Likelihood: unlikely.

Scorpion. The last major Spider-Man (Peter Parker) villain and one who has appeared on a TTC and on the cover for Just the Parker Luck.

It might be time for some Miles Morales villains but I think Scorpion is a pretty safe bet to come out before them.

Likelihood; rather likely.

Monica Rambeau. Being part of the Marvels movie and more importantly now being on the most used TTC by a landslide it is really only a question of when for Monica.

Likelihood: pretty likely.

Nico Minuro. The girl who should be the second A-Force leader and one which could be fantastic from a game design standpoint. Might be wishful thinking though.

Likelihood: rather unlikely.

World War 2 Bucky. Getting Namor and WW2 Black Panther makes it likely that AMG will expand this part of MCP and the wording on Soldat Activated make it pretty clear that a pre “Spetsnaz Training”/ Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes is somewhere in the pipeline. WW2 Bucky also shows up on a TTC already.

Likelihood: rather likely.

Karnak and Gorgon. The missing parts of the most inner Inhuman Royal Family and on TTCs for them for ages. All but guaranteed to come out at some point.

Likelihood: Very likely.

Angel and Jubilee. The two most obviously missing of the 90s X-Men and basically printed money for AMG. Once again a question of when not if.

Likelihood: extreme likely.

Spider-Ham and Spider-Punk. Those X-Men are printed money? Try these two.

Likelihood: rather unlikely.

Throg. Simon Walterson now defends the frogs of central park right in the core rule book. It is an outrage that we don’t have him on the table yet!

Likelihood: extremely unlikely.

Besides characters:

A new TTC pack with character cards for older characters. This idea is shamelessly stolen from Morlocks host Lexa White but it is a fantastic if sadly unrealistic idea.

An updated Banned and Restricted list that bans Advanced RnD and restricts Eyes on the Prize. This isn’t so much wishful thinking but more what I expect them to do. I don’t have too strong feelings here but something has to be done about the Spirit of Wakanda play and this is an easy fix, that doesn’t require a changing of the wording on any cards. Which AMG is clear about that being their preferred way to handle these situations.

The full rules for Mojo Ball. I’m not sure if there is still an event for it at Adepticon or not but I’m sure there will at least be demos for it.

That’s basically it for today.

I’ll of course be covering everything we’re getting next week so stay tuned for that.

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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