SGP: 2024 Longshanks data going into Adepticon

Welcome back to SG Protocol.

Today we look at the play and winrates of every affiliation from January 1st 2024 until March 21st 2024. From button to top.

Despite (or because) the new additions of Cosmic Carol and The Black Widow A-Force has fallen to the very bottom. They also aren’t particularly popular.

After a short high with the unrestricting of the Gems Black Order has fallen off heavily again.

Dormammu has also fallen since we last looked at these stats at the end of 2023.

Sentinels are probably higher than expected but remain a faction in need of help. They are also the least popular affiliation in terms of games played so far.

Im sad to see my long time main faction be so low but am somewhat proud to be able to call myself an above average Asgard player as I went a perfect 50% with them over my run 😁

Winter Guard has gotten a little more play recently with OK, if not great success.

Weapon X climbs a lot of steps from 2023 and the most important thing for this entire article stays true: Wolverine remains the better Weapon X leader over Logan 😉

Almost a thousand games in two and a half months show X-Men remain on of the most played factions in the game. But even though he himself is much better Cyclops leadership still drags the overall affiliation numbers down. Prof X gets relatively close to 50% and we’ve always seen new leaders requiring some time for people to really figure them out.

Look who is back to posting positive numbers while avoiding the bad press with relatively low playing numbers? It’s the (honestly) awesome King of the Dark Elves that you don’t have to feel bad for fielding anymore.

But much more impressive: someone(s) has won 9 of 17 games with Sin leadership!

Red Skull 3 is a perfect 50% and Red Skull 1 shows that doing something about the old cards in the affiliation packs wouldn’t be a terrible idea maybe…

While Matt Murdock has breathed a lot of life back into one of the biggest and most beloved affiliations in the game and stays a perfect 50% original leader Doctor Strange struggles mightily.

Seeing Unaffiliated so high is a bit suprise. Hard to impossible to analyse.

While most competitive players would agree that X-Force is among the top attrition teams the numbers currently don’t seem to fully back it up.

Untypically Kingpin isn’t the top leader for the Criminal Syndicate but good old Demon Possessed Matt Murdock.

Unsurprisingly Avengers remain incredibly popular with Sam still running the show on terms of win rate. First Avenger (who I can’t seem to beat) is the most played leader but remains pretty firmly under 50%.

Midnight Sons fly a bit under the radar and come close to making it into the top 10.

After a slow start Doc Ock has been the driving factor of brining the Spider-Foes into the top 10.

Mystique runs the show for the Brotherhood still both in terms of games played and winrate. And Brotherhood remain the most consistent (full) mutant faction.

Baron Strucker has much improved since we last looked at the numbers while Red Skull 3 has dipped a bit but stays firmly above 50%. Helmut Zemo drags down the affiliation numbers a bit though.

Inhumans remain strong with good results and decent numbers of games played.

Guardians fall out of the top 5 but remain incredibly popular.

As we can see here their play and win rate has taken quite a hit with the CGR nerfs but has been on somewhat of an upwards trend recently.

Making top 5 on the back of which proves to be the overall best new leader out of the earth mightest core set (Doc Ock might challenge that statement a bit) in iTony is SHIELD, which mostly turned to a much more aggressive play style which utilities Nick Fury and Eye in the Sky as support but not the main plan.

Web Warriors remain one of the top dogs in both play and win rate. Miles Morales also keeps on being the leader in almost every Web Warrior game while Amazing Petes numbers aren’t terrible the very few times he is chosen.

Very interestingly the play rate numbers have absolutely plummeted since the beginning of the year while the win rate has slowly but surely climbed back up. Seeing them perform so “badly” at LVO must have a lot of people leaving the faction I guess.

There shouldn’t have been any doubts left about the strength of Hellfire Club and the numbers continue to prove it right.

Rather consistently winning and being played.

The biggest suprise on the list, Convocation claims the number 2 spot. But it makes sense when you think about who they are good against.

Play rate has very recently absolutely sky rocketed, while the win rate has pretty consistently improved. Why could that be?

Surprising no one who follows the game closely Wakanda reigns absolutely supreme with a win rate that goes into problematic territory. But guess who dunks on them (especially Black Panther)? Its of course second seeded Convocation which it appears has become a popular counter pick. In my prediction article I said I think something will be done to Spirit of Wakanda in some way (the banning of Advanced RnD for example) so enjoy it while it lasts people 😉

The play rate has absolutely sky rocketed to an insane 200% in February to cool down a little bit recently while the win rate has stayed super consistently.

So that’s everyone going into the Adepticon weekend. Who will we see prevail in the end? Maybe a Convocation player will scythe through all those Wakanda teams and claim the win? Or maybe She-Hulk will bring her A-Force and show that stats are stats but as former football (“soccer” if you need to call a game played with your hands and with an egg and no ball football) player and “philosopher” Lukas Podolski Always said: “Wichtig is aufen Platz.” (“Import ist what happens on the court).

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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