Witty Banter Ep 5 – What did we learn from Adepticon 2024?

This year’s Adepticon was the first really big Crisis Protocol event after the new Core Box, character updates, and CGR nerf, so the crew dove into the results and statistics and tried to find out what we’ve learned about the state of the game. There were some things that we saw coming (cough Hellfire cough) and some surprises, with the biggest takeaway perhaps being the overall health of the game.

We also announced our winner of the first Witty Banter giveaway! We are looking forward to doing more and more of these as we go on, as a thank-you to all the webheads out there listening and supporting us.

We also would love you to come to Omaha for this year’s Bugeater Grand Tournament! We will be hosting three days of Crisis Protocol fun from May 31 – June 02, 2024. Friday will be a team tournament event, Saturday will be an LVO qualifying Contest of Champions, and Sunday will be some funsies for those of us not making the top cut. Check out the details and get tickets at https://bugeatergames.com

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