SGP: Adepticon reveal recap and reactions

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We’ve had a day and a half since we’ve seen what’s coming up next for MCP up until Q1 of 2025 with a couple of cards shown off and of course the brilliant Drakhaine (runner and creator of Jarvis Protocol) has added every stat and Team Tactics card shown off already transcribed in the app. (I started this article earlier than I was able to continue it. It’s been some days since the reveals now).

Let’s go through them piece by piece in case you might have missed it and give a first reaction to all spoiled cards.

Obviously we don’t have the backside of his card yet but Ben Riley looks like a cool mix of the different Peter Parker incarnations in the game. He does come with a very unique ability in Web Whip though which is hia bread and butter play. He pulls (pushes toward himself) an enemy character (no size restriction ☝🏽) closer and then places within 1 of that character ready to Scarlet Strike them in the face, or (if he has the power) even show them Whatever a Spider Can and get loads of movements out of it too. Impact Webbing and Spider Sense are always welcome and a Range 3 size 3 character throw is fantastic even if it is only S. Ben fills the role of a mobile brawler 4 that Web Warriors somewhat lack. He has more guaranteed control than Daredevil but can be a bit slower. Speaking of Hornhead Ben could very well be a Defender and fit well into DDs team.

Possible Affiliations: Web Warriors, Defenders, Midnight Sons, Spider-Foes(? They gave Pete 3 SHIELD from the Ultimate run and so maybe)

People have called this card the next problem in the game but I think only those that couldn’t make out from the stream that it costs an Action and 3 power to use it. Making it essentially 6 power and 2 actions to use the very mediocre attack even once. For me the card is a big flavour win but will absolutely never see the table in my games.

Will I get the box? Absolutely. Probably on release day maybe a bit later. The Gwenom sculpt alone is awesome enough to get it.

Vulture seems… Weird. Having an omnidirectional range 3 size 3 M character throw that also happens to throw 8 dice at the target for 4 power is pretty grea. And Abduct is a very strong disruption tool because it is size unrestricted. Hit and run plays well into thaty too. But the problem I see with Vulture is: how the hell does he even gain power? A range 2 builder is not what he wants to do at all and living throw attacks isn’t gonna be he strongest suit either. Ock leadership will help a bit at least.

Possible affiliations: Spider-Foes and Criminal Syndicate

My most anticipated model to have his card revealed and the one that was #1 on my wishlist for the game for a long time. Sandman looks like an absolute control monster. But he also seems like a hard character to play well too. He’ll hit the table a lot for me once he’s out for sure though. A size unrestricted push on a Beam needing a damage trigger is fantastic already and then you realise his Grunts have the same rule on their attack. So the amount of possible displacement he can do in his activation is huge.

Possible affiliations: Spider-Foes, Criminal Syndicate, Avengers

Will I get the box? On release day and Spider-Foes will be my main faction (again) once the box releases.

We only know the front side of his card and Shick said the backside will be different but so far Shang Chi is my favourite design in the entire game. A defensive throw and paying a power after the builder is resolved and then being able to chose an effect reliably both is completely new design space and I absolutely adore it. He looks about twelve tonnes of fun to play even though I’m a bit worried of long range attackers like the Bucky’s just shooting him off the board from outside his Supreme Martial Artist range.

Possible Affiliations: Defenders, Avengers(?)

Defenders get their own TTCs! The first one is Street Smarts which reminds me of Stalwart Determination (A-Force), one of my favourite cards in the game. I think the effect here is very strong but the price to pay is also high. Almost an auto pick in DD led Defenders for me.

This card is fantastic. It can win you games and should be in every Defenders 10 and almost always in your 5. It’s best use is late when you can either guarantee a win or at least deny your opponent the win.

Will I get the box? On release day.

I was really hoping this Black Panther wouldn’t be T’Challa but at least he is very different from his other two versions. This 3 threat Mystic attacker that through medium base, medium move and Wallcrawler can be faster than the L moving Small base versions of him on terrain heavy boards. He is gonna be an interesting role player and probably will see more play as a splash than in Wakanda I would think. This sculpt is also extremely awesome.

Possible Affiliations: Wakanda, Avengers, Shield?

A third SHIELD leadership. It is a very good one though costing a TTC space in both your 10 and your 5 is a high price to pay, especially when you already have very good leaderships in affiliation.

The worth of the card heavily depends on what Namor can do because it is not enough for me to consider WW2 Steve as a leader over Fury or iTony.

Will I get the box? Yeah mostly for painting the awesome sculpts so far.

No new information here but just a reminder that these 4 will come and I personally will return to Asgard once I have them on the table.

Will I get the box? Obviously.

A new big bad and coming with what sounded like a very new take on a leadership where he can have specific models turned into his horsemen (speculation from what Shick said). His arms will also have options apparently.

Will I get the box? Definitely though maybe not right after it’s release.

Terrain for Apocalypse. Looks cool but nothing I’m personally interested in getting at the moment. (Which as everything might change of course)

Called it ☝🏽 Archangel getting a specific model is a suprise though. It is the first box in MCP history where you can’t play both minis together on the table (as these two should have the same alter ego). The sculpts look awesome though.

Will I get the box? Not right away. But definitely someday.

Completely out of left field are these two New Mutants (with both a capital and a regular N to the new). Great for fans of those guys, but what was said about the new affiliation was very confusing and I have no idea how it will shake out in the end…

Will I get the box? Maybe someday.

Maverick was very much a requested character for Weapon X and did show up on a TTC for them if I recall correctly. Personally I would have much preferred Lady Deathstrike with him over a third incarnation of Logan but I guess the sculpt is cool and for some reason he is a well liked character. So I can’t be too mad about it. Importantly he automatically is a new leader for the Weapon X faction (great that’s not going to be confusing at all 😁) because it requests James Logan Howlett not Logan, the Wolverine.

Will I get the box? Probably not. (Yeah someday as always but very very low on my priority list).

Absolutely awesome. AMG read my article from last week and said yes that is a good idea. But let’s take it too steps further.

Will I get the box? Can I have it right now please?

Cool looking terrain and supposedly gigantic but playable. I wouldn’t even know where to store it… not for me 🙂

He is going to be very interesting. One to get for Christmas if the timing works out.

Will I get the box? Yes.

Called it ☝🏽 I’m very hyped for the monsters release wave and Elsa being a new MS leader has also been confirmed by Shick.

Will I get the box? On release day.

Guardians don’t need help but Richard Rider should be in the game and will probably have a second leadership for them. And the art for Yondu, who is a favourite among the MCU Guardians fans, suggest a nice mix of the movie and comic style of him.

Will I get the box? Yes for Nova. But Yondu is an absolutely fine addition too.

Overall a lot to like and get excited about. MCP keeps going stong.

Also AMG had this nice info slide for us with the timeline of releases:

Next time we will look at some stats from the Adepticon tournaments.

See you then and Cheers from Germany 🍻

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