Welcome back to SG Protocol. Today AMG gave us the full reveal of Shockers card:

On first glance this isn’t an exciting card at all. Shocker has decent attacks with good range, good mobility with Medium Move an a Medium base and good defensive stats for a 3 threat. But 5/5 stamina is really low and it will be interesting to keep him on the table in a meaningful way. Spending 2 power for two additional dice is not a great but also not terrible superpower especially considering his only other outlet is his spender. But it’s a decent spender for a 3 so you will definitely use it. His unique feature and the one that could make him a bit better defensively is his Range 2 bubble of effectively Shock (but not Shock so it can stack). It doesn’t feel like the place he wants to be but he’s probably more survivable in melee than against long range attacks because of it.

He’s confirmed to be in Spider-Foes where he will work good in the anti-attrition game plan of Doc Ock but doesn’t have any obvious synergy with Goblins leadership.

He’ll probably also be in CS where he would probably be decent for Kingpin. There he doesn’t compete with Lizard for an affiliated 3 spot like he does in Spider-Foes.

Overall not a terrible character but not one that immediately stands out as a great one either. Not a lot of obvious synergies either. But if you like him you probably won’t feel to bad for bringing him in any place you want.

I’m really looking forward to Elektros card and hope he’ll be the next one we see. Fingers crossed he’ll be the one to break the mold of every Spider-Foes being a 3 or 4 and come out as a 5 threat.

See you next time and cheers from Germany 🍻

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