SG Protocol: Electro Hot Takes

I’m shocked. Shocked! Well not that shocked actually:

I’m not gonna hide my disappointment about Max being another affiliated 4 threat for Spider-Foes, the affiliation with only 3s and 4s. At this point it has to be a very deliberate decision on AMGs part to keep the affiliation this way. Now with this steaming hot take noone else would have ever come up out of the way let’s look at Electro for what he actually is:

3/4/3 Defenses with 6/6 health is nothing special for a 4 threat and S move on a medium base is pretty slow. So where else are the 4 threat coming from?

Electric Discharge is a decent to pretty good builder and Overload the Grid is a bit of weird spender. It’s pretty good against teams that want to use the terrain to throw it in your face simply by destroying their ammunition. It could be good under Magneto at first glance but you usually want the terrain to be thrown into the enemy rather than just destroyed in that team. The same goes for Spider-Foes.

It also has active anti-synergy with Electros new and unique mechanic in Ride the Wires. On a terrain heavy board Electro can pretty reliably zoom around the board and get his good builder off. It also brings him into position for Live Wire which untypically for these powers goes off on crit and hit instead of crit and wild making it more likely to deal damage. It doesn’t advance Electro or the Enemy character like many of these powers do otherwise.

Electrostatic is a great reactive superpower for just a single power giving out an automatic damage and Shock.

Electro will fit right into both the “classic” Trap House play style of Green Goblin and the “are you sure you want to attack me?” Play Style of Doc Ock.

Overall I think Electro is a good 4 threat that’s gonna be very interesting to play. But I’m a bit worried about his staying power with below average defenses and no superpowers that help him actually survive an attack.

I don’t see too many immediate synergies outside of Spider-Foes but please feel free to post any ideas you might have.

Cheers from Noordwijk, Netherlands as I’m on vacation today 🍻

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