SGP: Characters on TTCs not yet in the game Update April 24

Welcome back to SGP. This post is meant as a living resource of what characters that aren’t in the game as playable characters yet appear on which team tactics cards. If you notice any mistakes, can fill in the ???’s* or have spotted someone I missed please let me know! In alphabetically order of the TTCs:

*characters on the card that aren’t in the game but who I personally have no idea what their name is (sometimes I gave them one myself)

A-Force Assemble!: America Chavez

All Webbed up (Rivals Panel alt art): Spider-Ham

Attilan Rising : Karnak

Aunt Mays Wheatcakes: Spider-Man 2099 + Spider-Ham

Avengers Assemble (core box 2 art): Jane Foster Thor (confirmed for Q3/24)

Banishment: Elsa Bloodstone (confirmed for Q1/25)

Bats the Ghost Hound: Bats . He should have been a playable character.

Bounty Hunters : Silver Sable (confirmed for July 24)

Brace for Impact (core box 2 art): Monica Rambeau

Brace for Impact (Rhino art): Ben Riley (confirmed for May 24). Thanks BastiT.

Call the Pack: Lady Deathstrike + Caution Construction work ahead Man Update: Maverick (confirmed for Q3/24). Thanks DiegoForlansland from Reddit.

New: Cerebro: A bunch of mutants that maybe or not are established characters.

New: Children of the Atom (Nightcrawler Box): Marrow

New: Children of the Atom (Alt art): Banshee + Phoenix

Clean Up: Shocker (confirmed for May 2024) + Scorpion

Comrade’s keeper: Red Widow

Crimson Dawn: Angel (confirmed for Q3/24)

Dark Aura Manifestation: Wonder Man

Dark Past: Fishing Hook Guy Update: Harpoon. Thanks DiegoForlansland.

Deal with the Devil: Mephisto (confirmed for Q4/24)

Directive One: Angel (confirmed for Q3/24)

Execute: Red Hulk

Fall Back: Iron Heart

Update: Fan Club: Whirlwind. Thanks BastiT.

First Class: Angel (confirmed for Q3/24)

Foreign Assignment: Nova (confirmed for Q1/25)

Galaxy’s Greatest: Phyla Vel (?) + ??? Update: Moon Dragon. Thanks DiegoForlansland

Gamma Drain: Leader + Red She-Hulk

Go get em’ Tiger: Mary Jane

Hard Reset: Machine Hand Man ??? Update: Machine Man. (I wasn’t far out it turns out 😅) thanks changeling13 from Reddit.

Headmistress: Jubilee+ ??? That could be Colossus in his non metal form maybe 🤔Update: Banshee (behind the desk with Emma) and also Chamber and Synch. Thanks bionic-beth from Reddit.

Hood’s Gang: the Owl+ ??? + ??? +??? +??? (I think the one with the crowbar is part of the wrecking crew. Maybe) Update: Grizzly, the Wrecker, Madame Masque and Deathlock. Thanks changeling13.

New: Hold Still: Nimrod

Inhuman Royal Family: Karnak

Joint Effort: Abomination

Making a Ruckus: ??? Update: Black Tom Cassidy. Thanks DiegoForlansland

Mind if I Cut In?: Jubilee+ 2 Morlock Kids Update: their names are Artie Maddicks and Leech. Thanks Joemanji

Mind Transfer: Avalanche

No, try this one: Howard the Duck

Odin’s Blessing: Odin (kind of)

Over the top: WW2 Bucky

Patch Up: Giant Man (or Goliath?) + Rescue

New: Preserve the Dream: Forge + (it looks like Captain Marvel but may be a mutant I’m not aware of) Update: Could be Dazzler. Thanks A_tusken from Reddit. Update 2: it is Shard Bishop (sister of Lucas Bishop) thanks bionic-beth

Rock and Troll: Lady Sif (confirmed for Q3/24)

Stalwart Determination: what ever the hell that is they’re fighting on it

The Black Bifrost: King Laufey (Frost Giant)

The Initiative: four people that I would guess are probably part of the Initiative. All four are ???’s to me, sorry. Update: One of them is Stature according to both DiegoForlansland and changeling13. Thanks! Update 2: Prodigy, Hardball and Komodo. Thanks NebulousMinder from Reddit.

Under Your Skin: Forge

Vapors of Valtorr: Jane Foster Thor (confirmed for Q3/24)

Vendetta: Echo

Well Laid Plans (Rivals Panel Alternative Art): Spider-Punk + Spider-Ham

Winter Rush: Vostok

Update: Xavier’s Dream: Destiny, Artie Maddicks, Leech, Archangel (confirmed for Q3/24) + ??? Thanks Lokinai from Reddit

That’s everyone I could find.

This will be “living” article and be updated as soon as we get something new in terms of TTC art.

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