Witty Banter ep 7 – Crisis deep dive, secures edition

The crew starts a two-part series as a deep dive on the different crisis cards in the game. This episode is a discussion about secures – how they play, what rosters to take them with, how to game plan if you have a bad matchup, and more.

We also announced the winner of our JP commission giveaway winner, as well as the new giveaway – Gwenom and Scarlet Spider, the winner to be announced in episode 9.

We also talked about Omaha’s big local tournament coming up, the Bugeater. The tournament is May 31 – June 02, at Millard North High School. It’s going to have a team tournament, an LVO-qualifyer Challenger event, and some wacky stuff on Sunday. Get your tickets and more information ⁠here⁠.

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