SG Protocol: Affiliation list update May 2024

Today AMG released the hotly awaited affiliation list update to show us where the six new characters coming out this month will land.

Let’s start with the obvious:

Surprising noone Ben and Gwen are Web Warriors. More disappointing than unexpected is that it is the only affiliation tag for each of these characters.

Gwenom will have a hard time making affiliated rosters with her alter-ego being claimed by Ghost-Spider who is so prominently used in Web Warriors. But I guess if enemy Ghost-Spiders are your bane bringing your own Cone Saga’ed Gwenom to hunt her down could be pretty funny.

I think Gwenom will have her most common home in Midnight Sons where her kit functions exceptionally well with the leadership. She’s an overall good 4 threat but will probably not see too much play outside of MS is my early prediction.

Ben I feel needed something more than just the Webs tag to see the table outside of Web Warriors, where he already fights for a spot with Gwenom (who is faster and tougher but doesn’t offer a lot of displacement and Ben has the alter-ego advantage there), Daredevil (who’s faster and a lot tougher but hasn’t as much control) and Venom (slower but a whole lot tougher) . For him there would have been better arguments for additional tags but AMG clearly didn’t think so.

So the four new Spider-Foes are also Criminals. None of them Cabal or anything else (Sandman could have been an Avenger but that’s probably not the snapshot we are getting here). A lot has been talked about the combination of Klaw leadership and Sandman where Klaw can get up to 3 moves out of the KOing of the Constructs and dazing of Flint but I’m not sure it will be better than to run him under for example Kingpin or MODOK as losing the constructs does really hurt Sandman. Electro and Shocker could make very decent additions to a Shadowland Daredevil team. Vulture remains a niche pick but probably will see play under Kingpin for his speed and displacement.

Thanks for reading and Cheers from Germany 🍻

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