Witty Banter ep 8 – Crisis deep dive, extracts edition

The crew concludes our two-part series taking a deep dive on crisis selection, this time focusing on extracts. We discuss strategies for each, when you should choose each one, how you respond if you get put into one, and why Researcher is the best crisis in the game.

Don’t forget that we will announce the winner of our next raffle, Gwenom and Scarlet Spider (although we settled on Benom for the celebrity tabloid name), the winner to be announced in episode 9.

We also talked about Omaha’s big local tournament coming up, the Bugeater. The tournament is May 31 – June 02, at Millard North High School. It’s going to have a team tournament, an LVO-qualifyer Challenger event, and some wacky stuff on Sunday. Get your tickets and more information ⁠⁠here⁠⁠.

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