MCP TTS Season 14 Week 1 – Antstonez (X-Men) vs Ikari (Sam Avengers)

Welcome to the first match of Season 14! We have Antstonez from the most northern parts of Sweden bringing his Prof Xavier led X-men force against France’s beloved Ikari who is piloting a Sam Avengers force for the first time on stream with a really interesting splash. We hope you enjoy this welcome back to the show.

Watch the replay on YouTube. Watch this match (for a limited time) and future live matches on Twitch.

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Upcoming 2-day+ International Tournaments (Let me know of others!)
11-12 May: Vienna, Austria
25-26 May: Welsh Masters, Cardiff, Wales
8-9 June: Swedish Wind, Malmo, Sweden
22-23 June: Irish Championship, Limerick, Ireland
22-23 June: Maxireves, Abbeyville, France
6-7 July: Kraven’s Last Hunt, Warsaw, Poland
3-4 August: Team and singles, Element Games, Stockport, England
6-8 September: Tabletop Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
14-15 September: The Web Head Weekender, Walsall, England
16-17 November: Batalha de Corvos XIX, Lisbon, Portugal

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