SG Protocol: 2024 Pre Squad Goals stats

Welcome back to SGP. Today we take another look at the win and play rates of every affiliation right before the next big event in Squad Goals, a 3 person team event in Chicago run by Alfredo’s Size 3 Taco Truck member Nate Horn.

We’ll go from bottom to top.

Unpopular and unsuccessful Sentinels remain the unsurprising bottom of the barrel. They need help but nothing on the roadmap could be justified to be in affiliation I’m afraid.

She-Hulk and her A-Force also continue to struggle. I’m not convinced there really were 99 leaderless A-Force games but even if that is true the win percentage was the same anyway.

After a short high right after the restriction lift of the gems Black Order is back down in the cellar. Mostly dragged down there by Corvus.

Dormammu also stays in the bottom 5.

Sometimes playing unaffiliated is an option. But good to see there are apparently 20 better options still.

Winter Guard could definitely use a second leader that isn’t as specialized as Crimson Dynamo is.

Asgard is definitely awaiting their four model affiliation increase in Q3/24 where hopefully a second leadership will also be on the table.

Defenders remain (understandably) incredibly popular and Daredevil is close to 50% at least but the horrid Doctor Strange win percentage drags the sum of the affiliation down quite a bit.

Even more popular and generally considered to be very strong X-Force can’t really get into the 50 and over % column.

Season 13 TTS winner Master of the World remains the only 50+% leader of Cabal but Malekith, while not super popular puts on OK numbers again, too.

A wave of new releases coupled with an absolutely fantastic series on Disney+ has made X-Men the most popular affiliation on the list (so far) by a wide margin. Storm remains top tier. Prof X is above the 50% line but Scott tanks the overall faction stats quite a bit.

Already a faction with high play rate Spider-Foes will only be seen more with the 4 new characters and strong new affiliated tactics cards. Doc Ock has taken over the role of defacto Spider-Foes leader as I first predicted when his card was released but Goblin puts out decent numbers in his games too.

My current main affiliation and also a very popular one. And like always Mystique is the leader with the better overall numbers.

If there was one affiliation that could beat X-Men in games played it had to be Avengers and they edged the mutants out by a a small margin. Sam remains top tier with First Avenger being OK and Steve 1 having the most games putting up the worst numbers of the three. 12 games were won with Hulkbuster leadership. Whoever that was: you have my respect.

Midnight Sons seem to always fly under the radar but put up decent numbers and almost made it into the top 10. We know they’ll get their second leader in Elsa Bloodstone in early 2025 and assume (though we can’t be certain yet) they’ll get four more models with the October Halloween Monsters box. They seem to have a bright future in front of them.

Red Skull is an above average leader still though his numbers have dropped a little bit. Struckers leadership is too easily countered by too many models/affiliation for my taste (though I love it on paper) and I don’t see any appeal in running Helmut Zemo and the numbers kind of back me up here. It’s a bit hard to quantify Zemo games though because it is often used only in the games first round to then switch to a different leader with Versatile Strategy. And then it is up to the player to decide which leadership they put on Longshanks.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Guardians remain a top 10 team (for now) but have fallen quite a lot from the pre nerf CGR days.

Three of four leaders being above 50% has the Syndicate occupying spot 8 on the list. Klaw tanks them down from being even higher up.

While being played less than half as many times as Guardians and CS, updated Black Bolts Inhumans remain a force to be reckoned with.

Skyrocketing upwards is Weapon X though it has to be said that the play rate and thus the example size is incredibly low.

iTony puts out incredible numbers and Nick Fury is also even making SHIELD the top attrition faction in the game.

The Wizard continue their strong showing mostly on the back of popular splashes Ultron 2, MODOK 2 and Red Skull 3.

Emma has cemented her top 3 spot with an outstanding win rate once again. She also gained a lot of popularity.

The third affiliation in contention for most popular but not reaching 2k games yet for 2024. They have by far the best win rate of the three though.

Wakanda reigns supreme. Black Panther has an unhealthy win percentage and both King T and M’Baku are on the very top of the acceptable level. And even KM, U is way above 50% making the affiliation as a whole the number one affiliation in the game.

Black Panther and iTony putting up the numbers they do makes it very clear just how strong that leadership is.

That’s it for today. Good luck and fun for everyone participating in Squad Goals. We will definitely cover the stats of the event next week.

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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