SG Protocol: European Stats going into Multiverse of Malmö

Welcome back to SGP.

We’re going into the weekend with the biggest to date European singles Event in Malmö Sweden. Run by Anders ‘kollar’ Hedvall, TTS league Season 13 finalist with Red Skull 3 and Thanos Cabal. So I thought it would be interesting to look at the stats from Europe alone dating from the CGR nerf until today.

Emma is even more dominant in Europe than overall it appears and neither Wakanda nor Web Warriors in the top 3 will likely shock anyone. You should definitely have a plan to handle scenario teams if you want to punch your LVOIS ticket in Malmö.

Kingpin is scratching top 3 stats but since being French Canadian doesn’t qualify you mark your events as European Klaw drags the faction down a bit. Seeing Winter Guard in the top 5 is pretty unexpected and Dormammu probably even more so.

Guardians nowadays are just good instead of broken and probably still the safest route when playing attrition.

European Magneto players showing the Americans how it is done with a (marginally) higher win rate than Mystique over here.

For Hydra someone somehow has made Zemo2 leadership work. Amazing.

At this point it is very questionable to ever use Nick Fury leadership in SHIELD it seems. It might be a matchup/ crisis combination thing where they are already at a disadvantage and iTony wouldn’t help but he constantly puts out top 3 tier numbers while Fury drags the affiliation numbers down.

My online buddy Mario ‘Eusebio1210’ will most likely bring the MODOK2 and Ultron 2 Convocation list to the event and I’m expecting it to perform above the percentage here. It is kind of matchup dependent though.

The new Spider-Foes box is delayed in a lot of places over here so I expect to see play and win rate going up for them very soon. There probably won’t be a lot of people playing with the new models in the event either for the same reason.

Europe proofs who the real best Avengers leader is. Forget Steve Rogers, First Avenger and Sam. Hulkbuster or go home.

Somehow Cyclops is the most popular X-Men leader while continuing to be clearly the worst. 🤷🏽

Some brave souls still try to win with Doctor Strange Defenders leadership. More power to them.

Cabal and X-Force don’t put out particularly good overall numbers but can make a splash on the right hands I feel. Something to look out for in the event stats next week.

Asgard’s new box has a release date now. My Asgardians are eagerly awaiting them to get back on the field. They feel a bit under the curve without the reinforcement at the moment.

Yeah Sentinels are better than unaffiliated 🥳 the other bottom 3 don’t differ too much from the world wide stats though.

After the event we’ll take a closer look at the available stats. I’m rooting for the four guys from Austria going there but hope everyone has fun and a great event overall 🙂

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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