World Team Championship (WTC) Streaming Fundraiser

The World Team Championship (WTC) for Marvel Crisis Protocol (MCP) is seeking funds to support the travel of the Professional Casual Network (PCN) over to Copenhagen this year in order to stream the event live. You can donate via GoFundMe.

The WTC is quickly becoming one of the premier events on the MCP calendar. In this format, countries send teams of 5 players to design complementary rosters and compete against some of the other best players the world has to offer. The first event was held to great success last year at the same venue at the Copenhagen, Denmark airport. This year, we had even more teams sign up, with 42 teams coming from 17 different countries. You can read more about the WTC here, which will take place on 19-20 October, 2024.

The PCN has become a well known and loved streaming team for MCP. You’ve seen them at many events, such as the Las Vegas Open, Adepticon, and Squad Goals. You can read more about their activities here, or see their Twitch streams here.

This time, the PCN team wants to be able to bring the WTC to as many players around the world as possible and are committed to coming to the event. They will be supplying their time and equipment on their own. The WTC organisers will be providing them with food and lodging for the event. What we are looking for is funding for the flights over to the event from New York State to Copenhagen. Any leftover funds will be to buy more/better equipment for the stream. Any amount is welcome, which you can donate via GoFundMe. We thank you for your contribution and look forwarding to bringing you the WTC on your screens!

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