SGP: The Mighty Thor and Lady Sif Hot Takes

Welcome back to SG Protocol.

Today we take a look at the other half of the new Asgard pack with The Mighty Thor and Lady Sif.

Let’s start with the good things: 8/6 health and access to two defensive rerolls against physical and mystic attacks is a rather tanky stat line. Immunity to Shock keeps her very potent and long range attacks at full strength. She has a charge that grants rerolls to the attack you use with it.

The bad: Her size 4 throw is only terrain.

The undecided: Her leadership is weird. Offensively you need to be within 2 to get the reroll, but defensively you aren’t allowed to be in 2 to get it. Characters who can move after they made an attack (or threw them away etc. ) will like this but anytime you get stuck in and then don’t get the defensive reroll because you didn’t displace them or got to move yourself will be a feels bad I think. You don’t have to pay her a power like you have to for Loki though and she can benefit herself. But then again you don’t really want her within Range 2 of the enemy so she’ll rarely get to use the offensive reroll. Prince of Asgard Thor and Skurge very much love this leadership though.

Jane is gonna be in Asgard, she’s all but confirmed in Avengers as she’s on the newest artwork for Avengers Assemble, and could maybe slip into A-Force?

She’s a good 5 but not great 5 threat overall I’d say.

Lady Sif is pretty underwhelming for me. It’s not that she is actively bad but rather unexciting. The always online charge is nice and we know how strong Masterswordswoman can be from Zemo 1. But overall she lacks individuality. She feels like a much slower, slightly tankier Baron Zemo but without handing out rerolls.

She combination of push and advance toward the target on the builder is cute, as you can select the order of operations there. It’s very difficult to hit the trigger though. Same goes for the spender.

She faces tough competition for a Slot in Asgard and I kind of doubt she will get many other affiliations. Maybe A-Force?

Sif will however be an excellent user of the Doomed Prophecy TTC. Speaking of TTCs:

This card is awesome. AoE slow is kinda nice as any Web Warriors player will tell you and zooming Loki across the table is just a cherry on top. Not an every game card but certainly one to keep in mind if you’re playing a Loki (especially the second).

Absorbing Man! The card is a flavour win and can be quite good too I think. I immediately think of combining it with Killmonger and Usurp the Throne for a hefty 3 VP gain potentially. In general you want to look at models who convert power to damage well for the card to work.

Not sure what to make of this card honestly. It’s effect is good but you can only really use it when the additional activation will guarantee you the win as you lose a 5 threat model (who may even be your leader) and also priority for playing it. Will have a very hard time making it into my 5 if even the 10.

All-Mother Freyja can’t reduce the damage to one but gives another strong defensive buff for Asgard. Having to pay 3 in the Power Phase is a bit rough though.

Overall I’m very happy with the new addition to my main faction which I’ll dive back into fully starting in September.

Next post will be about my initial list with the new toys included.

See you then!

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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