The Clinic – A-Force: Endgame Move Puzzle

Only one Avenger was in Infinity War and Endgame more than Thanos
There’s no joke for this one, I just like the Endgame pun in the title

Another week, another puzzle! Before we settle into this week’s puzzle, let’s go over last week’s puzzle which you can check out here:

I left y’all in a bit of a pickle last week with not a lot of great moves for ol’ big head.

Big Head Boy | Meme Generator
A big head and a TIIIIIIIIINY face is what drove little M.O.D.O.K. to evil

No way to double tap anyone from where hes standing, and no way to move him back onto the center point to score if Shuri messes with him. Mystique is out of Deception range of Miles even if you one shot BP so M.O.D.O.K. has to attack peter to hold the center. And, luckily for you, BP turned Zemo into the PERFECT backstop. Quick little lesson about bases touching for those of you who aren’t Warmachine refugees, the point where two circle bases touch creates a tangent line between the two, and neither base can be pushed on an angle that passes that tangent line without overlapping the circles. So, you can basically guarantee 180 degrees of angle that M.O.D.O.K. can’t be pushed.

Tangent lines to Two Circles
Circle A can go any combination of up, down, and left, but can’t go right at all without clipping Circle C

In addition to that, the towards/away 45* restriction also means that Shuri needs to be 45* off of the tangent line to push you at all. So depending on placement and range it might be entirely possible Shuri can’t even move you.

The ideal plan in my eyes is as follows: M.O.D.O.K. Advances to backstop on Zemo, and within r3 of Miles, Psyonic Blast him in the face and hope for a spike, settle for 1 power generated at minimum to bow him off the point. Note, if your attack does enough damage to bow and do a throw, make sure to bow him to max L range first so you limit your exposure while still being able to throw at him. Alternatively you can keep him at r3 to attack him again as you have priority and can try to set up a big All You’ve Got to try to KO Miles and daze Black Panther (your mileage may vary depending on the backstop angle and if/where Shuri nudges you.

But, enough about last week’s puzzle, that’s so last week. THIS week we have an excellent puzzle submitted by the unique UtilityCookie!

Beginning of Round 5, 14 to 13 in an A-force mirror. One side has Hulk and an injured Okoye, the other side has a half dead She-Hulk and an injured Wasp (it says Angela is alive but shes KOed). Hulk/Okoye have climbing gear, She-Hulk and Wasp have no tactics. And to keep things interesting, Wasp is holding the Senator. As it stands team Hulk is going to win by going up to 17-16 at the end of this round. Team She-Hulk has the priority. What is the move?

The biggest concern to me here is the Climbing Gear. Hulk is low on power, sure, but if you hit him at all it opens up a lot of options. If you go with Wasp and fail to take out Okoye, Hulk almost assuredly moves, throws She-Hulk and moves back onto the point preserving Okoye. So to me the top priority is dazing Okoye, ideally with She-hulk but the trick is to do it while standing on the center objective – that way, Wasp can threaten to score 3 for the win if Hulk doesn’t deal with her and contest She-Hulk. But, there’s a ton of options on board, what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or wherever this is posted and if you have a clever solution it might be called out on next week’s episode!

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