The Clinic – Mirror Move Puzzle

New week, new puzzle!

Before we go into this week’s puzzle, a quick review of last week’s puzzle:

The unifying thread in most answers I saw was that Okoye was the problem to solve. Either immediately going with She-Hulk to try and be rid of her, or waiting out an activation with Wasp to force the opponent’s hand were attractive options. And once Okoye is out of the picture, it is difficult for red to do better than tie you at 16-16, then its easy to run Wasp and She-Hulk in different directions – there’s only one Hulk on the other side to deal with both.

For this week’s puzzle, we look to my week 2 match versus the Superb Sooner5. For any of you who watched the game you’ll know I made a number of critical errors that left me going into round 3 down 9-5 without a noticeable attrition advantage. That said, if I can win the flank on the left I can try to keep my scoring velocity up to catch up before 16, especially if Enchantress can double move to the other side to bow one of his goons off of the point. Unfortunately, it’s Sooner5’s move on the top of the round, so its up to him to crush my dreams entirely.

The teams are as follows:

Left Kingpin, Black Dwarf, Crossbones, Right Taskmaster


Right Kingpin, Left Taskmaster, Enchantress, M.O.D.O.K.

Damage, power, and tactics card usage is as shown. Everyone is outside of r2 of all enemies except for the right Kingpin, Taskmaster, and Crossbones. The UI is wrong and blue is on 9 vps to my 5. Blue is to move. What’s the play?

Now obviously as I already played this game to completion I know what he ultimately did (and so can you if you go to but there are a number of options available. Do you try and go after M.O.D.O.K., or try and remove Enchantress/Taskmaster? Do you use Kingpin or Black Dwarf? How does climbing gear affect decision making here? And in the inverse, lets say that somehow red has priority here. How would red mitigate the threats that blue is brandishing?

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