Quotemyname here! We’re back with the final game of the swiss rounds for season 4.

QTR Defenders v Devilpup Black Order

This game was played on February 17th, 2021.
Threat Level: 17
Secure: Demons Downtown!
Extract: Spider Infected

Stay tuned for some coverage of a Team Tournament I participated in on TTS recently. I’m also planning on covering my beta league games coming up. Time to shelve the Defenders for a bit and try something new!

As always I would like to thank my opponent for the game and the rest of the community for giving us a place to play and appreciate this great hobby! Thanks goes to AMG for creating a great game! Please remember to support your local game stores! Failing that, check out Discount Games Incorporated for your plastic super hero needs. Discount Games Inc is my personal favorite online retailer for miniatures wargaming.

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