QTR Battle Report – Team Tournament

Quotemyname here! I had a great opportunity to participate in a team tournament online with two other members of the MCP TTS Community. The event was held on February 20th, 2021. My teammates were “Shane” and HPP_Will of House Party Protocol (Apple Podcasts) fame.

I had a blast with this event! In general I must say that Team format wargaming is possible some of the most fun that I’ve ever had as an adult in gaming. I really enjoy the camaraderie and the good times you can have when winning means winning as a team and losing doesn’t disqualify you from taking first place so long as your team can help lift you up!

This event was a lot of fun and it’s my first experience with one of the “One-Day-Events” that are organized by the MCP TTS admin team. It was so much fun that I’m considering setting aside some time to compete in a future solo event!

We brought three rosters to the event, which you may view here!
• I brought a modified version of my Pentatheletes roster to accommodate my teammates and their need to run Brace. I replaced that card with Medpack.
• Shane brought Guardians of the Galaxy, a roster which he used to focus on Attrition.
• Will brought his Web Warriors and provided a more control oriented roster for this event.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The videos! I took the time to capture recordings of the pairing process we performed in TTS as well as the individual games I played. Enjoy!

Round 1 Pairings
round 1 game
Round 2 pairings
Round 2 game
Round 3 pairings
Round 3 game

You can check out some of the games played by Will on his Twitch channel.

As always I would like to thank my all of my opponents for the games and the rest of the community for giving us a place to play and appreciate this great hobby! Thanks goes to AMG for creating a great game! Please remember to support your local game stores! Failing that, check out Discount Games Incorporated for your plastic super hero needs. Discount Games Inc is my personal favorite online retailer for miniatures wargaming.

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