The After Party 026 – Ant-Man and Wasp

In this episode, Will is joined once again by Nate to take a look back at 2 characters that might be Tiny Superheroes on the tabletop, but are large in our hearts.  The guys take a look at what each of these characters do well while also discussing why they don’t see a ton of play.  Ant-Man has a ton of damage potential and might see more table time with the new Avengers leadership.  Wasp has the mobility to get to her objective quickly while also being able to put out some nice damage.  What affiliations do these characters work best in?  Is there some secret tech to make these characters excel?  Lastly the gang talks about the recent Tournament that Nate hosted.  All this and more inside!  Don’t forget to check out the giveaway! Enjoy!

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