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Or turn negative one or crisis selection and you or is the path to victory the road less traveled? or an overview of crisis options in Marvel Crisis Protocol or the blog glossary or straight, narrow, deep & wide or the meta introduction to the blog about the blog

Welcome to Mission Objective, a blog about the crisis options of Marvel Crisis Protocol. This blog will attempt to break down the features and bugs each crisis offers.

Articles will generally follow a few formats:

  • Due Diligence – breaking down an individual crisis, examining a specific crisis in detail. What it does, how it works, how to fight on it, where to find it and some value judgments. Meant to be mostly evergreen.
  • C-C-C-C Combo and C-C-C-C Combo Breaker – articles about how a given crisis can make, or break-up a specific meta threat. More timely than evergreen.
  • Mission Objectives: by roster, threat value, shape, etc. – the never-ending search for the optimal Crises for a given roster, and the difficult choices between similar options. We’ll be reviewing multiple crisis combinations here, both on a roster and on the board. More evergreen than timely.
  • Our Next Guest – checking in with guests to review their thought process on their crises and approaching the meta staples.

There are a few concepts and definitions that will be oft referenced:

  • Shape – the objective pattern as it relates to the letter designation of a given crisis deployment. ABCDE & F deployments, and the “split C” sub-type, a C map with no center point. There’s reference cards in the core set, or there’s MCPDB.com. Learn them, love them.
  • Crisis speed and spread- fast & slow, narrow, spread, etc. Typically based on a combination of the crisis’s shape and the number of points available for scoring. Cs and Es are narrow, Ds and Bs are spread, split C’s are more like Bs, Fs are fast, As are just weird, etc.
  • Shorthand names of crises – you don’t have to know them, but you will. What’s hammers, Kree-core, alien ship, Skrulls, Montessi, Gamma, Demons, portals, shelters, etc. There is a shorthand name for every crisis, and often more than one! Some are regional, some are global, but rarely does anyone refer to Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due? as Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due? every time it has to be referenced – it’s just Demons, or Demons Downtown, or DDT, or freaking fiery demon fire portals, or “the one that gives incinerate.” The more you play them, the more fun these shorthand names become. They are nearly self explanatory once you get familiar with the crises, and this blog (which hopes to familiarize you with crises in general) will use them with and without explanation of the correct, on-the-card “title.”
  • Attrition, control, rush and any other term used to describe a given roster’s approach to the game. There are some great resources for MCP Strategy, many of which are right here on the across the bifrost nexus, and I highly recommend checking them out if you aren’t familiar with these terms. If you’re not, and you can’t or won’t check out other resources: Attrition is the approach that wants to win the long game by removing the opponent’s models until it can snowball into a win. Control is an approach that isn’t concerned with doing damage so much as keeping you contained, constrained and not scoring points. A rush roster is trying to score points faster than their opponent. A given roster may be focused on a single approach or able to field squads in any number or even all categories. The concepts are important here, as are identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a roster or its the pieces and how those relate to the crisis.
  • Wide, narrow, tall, elite, deep, spread and any other descriptor that’s used to describe a roster or squad that is running a lot (wide) or a few (narrow) characters. Some of these same terms can refer to a deployment shape as well. Ambiguity will be kept to a minimum.

Other than that, the goal here is simple: to help players identify which crises they want to avoid, want to play with and generally git gud at choosing and playing the mission objective.

The first article is a Due Diligence article on Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due? and should be out and about shortly.

Obligatory pic of Thanos:

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