Top 10 Mutants I want to see in MCP

This is the second article I’ve done in this vein, the first was last week on 10 non-mutant characters I would like to see in the game, this week it’s all about the mutants. I am going to be much more opinionated about these characters than last week, as I’ve always been more of a X-Men fan than a general Marvel fan.

10. Callisto

We need the Morlocks as an affiliation in this game. Shouldn’t be a surprise to people considering I literally named my show after them, but I think it should be stated in general. Callisto is one of two possible leaders for the affiliation, and I would love them to do her in her Krakoa outfit (a theme that you will see throughout this list) but I am fine with any of her outfits in general.

9. Polaris

One of Magneto’s kids, who has actually not been retconned into something else, Polaris is the character that has continued Magneto’s legacy of magnetic powers. Having an option of a smaller, 4 or 5 threat Magneto, with the appropriate trimming of states to meet those threat values, is something that I would love to see on the table. This is also another case where I think the Krakoa outfit is her best outfit, but am amicable to all the options.

8. Rogue

In one of the few cases where I think one of the classic options is better than the new costumes that are coming out now, Rogue is a character that is this low on the list as I feel she is more an inevitability than just a possibility. Still, she is a character that I desperately want, so hopefully we see her soon enough

7. X-23

This is probably the most probable character on this list, considering she has already shown up on card art, but man oh man do I want angsty, moody teenage Wolverine, specifically her MVC3 costume, just so I can have the MVC full collection at some point.

6. Emma Frost

Emma Frost is another character I would be surprised if we don’t get within the next wave of Mutants, just because she is just that iconic, and has the potential to lead an entire affiliation. This is another case, and I think the most important case, where I think they should go for one of her more recent outfits, cause Marvel as a brand has evolved past the need for the type of oversexualization that the original outfit is defined by.

5. Psylocke

Psylocke is another character that is complicated to pin down exactly what the model should be, less because of Costumes like others on this list, but because of Alter Ego. Psylocke has a long, complex, and sometimes problematic relationship with the woman representing it, and all I will say beyond that is that I hope Kwannon is the one they choose.

4. Magik

The New Mutants are another affiliation that I would not be surprised if we see at some point in this game, and Magik is a key player of that team. As well, she is a unique and striking figure in the X-Men lore, so I just want to see her around.

3. Negasonic Teenage Warhead

I will give full credit to the Deadpool movies for this one, but man do I want her. Also, I know her girlfriend Yukio is mostly an original construct for the movie, but man do I want girlfriends in a box.

2. Kate Pryde

Oh boy oh boy, do I want my pirate captain in this game. While Emma is the one where I want them to not use the classic costumes the most, this is the one where I have a specific costume that I want them to use the most, and that is Kate’s current run as the pirate captain of the Marauder, cause man does it fit her better than any other outfit she’s had in a long long time, and it doesn’t look dated to boot.

  1. Stepford Cuckoos

I’ve mentioned this one a couple of times now, but these girls have been my number one with a bullet for a while now. These sort of Clones, sort of daughters of Emma Frost would make the perfect candidate for a telepath option 4 threat or less.

Anyways, there’s my list, I hope you guys have enjoyed it, and come back next Tuesday for my top 10 other versions of existing characters that I want to see.

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