Top 10 Alternate Version of Characters I want to see in MCP

So, here’s the real fun one, and somewhat relevant one, considering the models that got shown off yesterday, where we go back through the characters that have already been released and talk about the other version of them throughout Marvel history, and talk about some that I want to see put on the table. Rules for this, as it’s a little more nebulous, I an going to be looking at characters with the same Alter Ego as a character in the game already, though this may be stretched a little bit, but we’ll get to that soon enough. With that, let’s go.

10. Requiem Gamora

We need another version of Gamora, one with a little more threat so she can really be able to pop off, and I also think it would be interesting to do a version of Gamora that isn’t really a Guardian of the Galaxy, rather the threat in her own arc, thus we have Requiem. This would also give up another Gem Carrier to put into the game.

9. Kid Cable

This is the first in what will be a trend for this list, being that I dislike a lot of the designs of the X-men Characters so far. Cable I am the least displeased with, of the ones that I am going to talk about, but I do really like the kid version of the character that they have got in the comics as of now. I think the design works really well, and he would be a solid 4 threat version of the character.

8. Grey Hulk/Joe Fixit

So, do you want a version of the Hulk that could be affiliated with the Criminal Syndicate, well here is your version. This is Hulk as Las Vegas Mobster, and yes, that is still Bruce Banner. He’s a really fun, and I might have a seen for villainous versions of characters that are usually good guys.

7. House of X Magneto

This is an outfit thing alone. Full white Magneto who is kind of a good guy is something that I would love to see, especially as Magneto feels like a character that is going to get a second iteration at some point.\

6. Cult of Carnage

This is something that I want for 2 reasons. One, I think a 5 or 6 threat Carange would be cool, especially if they expand on the design space that the character is already covering would be real interesting. Two, the cult would be bloody amazing.

5. Classic Jean Grey

This is a time where the comics have circled back around to a good costume that they had left behind. And good for it, as this is my favorite of Jean Grey’s various costumes, and something that I would love to see in this game.

4. Olivia Octavia

This is one of two Stretches on this list, but this is my list so we’ll go with it. This alternate universe version of Doc Oct is a modern classic of character creation, and something that I would love to see actively hit the table.

3. Lady Loki/Sylvie

This is the second stretch, but that’s only because of recent adjustments to this character made by the MCU. For the longest time this was just Lady Loki, and considering Loki’s genderfluidness, it wouldn’t be that far off of something that I would think might make this game. With recent releases though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it as Sylvie rather than as Lady Loki, which I would be okay with as well.

2. Fear Itself Sin

A high treat Sin, with the possibility of being Asguard affiliated as she is using one of the celestial hammers that are associated with that place count me in. I’ve always loved this costume, and this is one of the cases where another version of a character could really change up their playstyle.

  1. Mohawk Storm

If you didn’t see this coming, well then you haven’t looked at my logo recently. The Mohawk variation of Storm, along with the Punk accoutrement is one of my favorite costumes of all time, not just in comics, so of course I want to see this character actually make it to the table.

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