Episode 9 – When winging it fails, blame Thomas!

Welcome to our ninth episode of Tales of Crisis. In this episode we discuss the up coming changes to the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Chalmers rules knowledge is tested during listen questions and we cover Martin’s latest tournament Bearded Card Trader, where he had a meltdown over poor dice.  

If you want to join us at the next Bearded Card Trader event in November please use the following for more information https://www.thebeardedcardtrader.com/store/p7261/Marvel_Crisis_Protocol_Tournament_13%2F11%2F21.html#/  

To check out the fantastic articles from Arun including interviews with AMG check out https://webwarriorprotocols.com/  

If you want anything specific covered in future episodes or have any listener questions then give us a shout and we will look to plan it in.  

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