First Impressions: Criminal Syndicate Rework

Another Tuesday another short First Impressions! This time: Criminal Syndicate rework!

This morning AMG put out an article breaking down the Criminal Syndicate updates. It goes over Green Goblin and M.O.D.O.K. who we already knew about from previous updates so we won’t be talking much about them here, but I’ve provided a link to the first impressions on them above. No, we are here to talk about Kingpin and Bullseye!

This is going to be a fast review, other than the new card layout the only change is his spender’s throw is limited to Size 3 or less. No more throwing around Dormammu and Hulkbuster for Wilson Fisk! A bit disappointing to see him get nerfed considering how unloved CS have been recently but TBH I am all for size limits on pushes / throws. Cool size 4 characters like Black Dwarf basically never see play because of how easy it is to push/throw them with attacks into a corner. So I’ll take a minor nerf on Kingpin to help those guys out.

More interesting of a change on the other hand is Benjamin Pointdexter

We never got around to making the Objective, Definitive 3 threat tier list here yet but I can tell you without a doubt that Bullseye would have been a bottom 5 three threat. So what do they do? Lower his stamina to 4 on both sides, his mystic to 2, give his builder flat power generation and make him a 2 threat! As hilarious of an admission of Bullseye’s ineffectiveness dropping him down to 2 threat is, this is actually HUGELY impactful. Criminal Syndicate can now run a 9 threat 3 character core with Kingpin, Bullseye, and your favorite CS 3 threat. Red Skull Cabal can now run 8 threat core with Red Skull, Bullseye, Bob. Sin Cabal can now run a 7 threat core with Sin, Bullseye, Bob. The amount of exciting team building options adding a 2 threat to CS and Cabal does is going to make them more exciting options going forwards which is a breath of fresh air from seeing all those Avengers and dirty do-gooders get buffs.

I’m in particular re-invigorated to delve into Criminal Syndicate in conjunction with Enchantress nerfs – Enchantress was basically the main reason I didn’t play Criminal Syndicate this season thanks to her ability to move, beam both of my guys on a point, bow them both off (which she can no longer do!). Now you can run something like Kingpin, Bullseye, Taskmaster, Omega Red, Hood at 16 on Mayor Fisk which is all affiliated so you can slot in unaffiliated 2s 3s or a 4 as you see fit. 6-7 wide teams also become more practical which from trying to force such on Terrigen in the past I know is obnoxious. But now a tenacious player can run 6 wide from 16 and up, 7 wide at 18+. Which is functionally 14 characters for the purposes of holding secures 😉

Once again AMG shows more MCP reworks and I’m very happy overall, which considering the drama over the X-Wing systematic changes is something I count our blessings over. They seem to have a strong grasp of what MCP is, what it needs to be, and how to take it there. AMG has hinted that Black Order updates will come later this week as well and I’m looking forward to what that brings.

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