Possible Secondary Leaders 3 (Midnight Sons – Wakanda)

While I said last time I was going to do 4 affiliations this time, I noticed that I have completely forgotten an affiliation, so there will only be 3 this week and the final 2 next week.

So, a reminder of the rules of this, we are talking possible secondary leaders for affiliations that already exist, and we are only talking about new character, not retrains of already existing character. With that, let’s get back into it

Midnight Sons

Midnight Sons ends up being a strange group overall, because they are one of the groups in this shortest legacy, being a rather inconsistent group in the comics. That in turn leads to them having a small pool of people to talk about in this regard.


Morbius is the only remaining official leader of the Midnight Sons, but considering that Blade never officially lead the Midnight Sons, that might not mean as much as we think with this affiliation. That being said, if they want to pull on the comics team, Morbius would be an amazing pull, especially with his movie upcoming that they could capitalize on.

Elsa Bloodstone

If we were talking about characters that are recognizably connected to the Midnight Sons, as well as being major players in the monster fighting side of Marvel Comics in general, Elsa Bloodstone is probably one of the most easily identifiable people that fits in both of those circles. Also, she’s already on the art of a Midnight Sons card, which is a good sign.


For my oddball pick of this affiliation, I have to point to Helstrom, another character that acts a fulcrum point for many of Marvel comics interactions with things that go bump in the night. That being said, he is generally focused on things a little more demonic, so it would be presenting the Midnight Sons with a different focus.


Now we come to the affiliation that I not only have the strongest opinions on, but also the affiliation that I originally made my name with, Spider-Foes. There is no shortage of major Spider-Man villains to draw upon, so this is a glut of options affiliation rather than a lack of one that the other 2 we are covering have.


This is the one that I have the strongest opinion about, and the one that I have been loudest about. Prowler is the most iconic Miles Morales Villain and makes him the perfect choice for being the second leader of the Spider-Foes considering that Miles is the main leader of the Web Warriors. Also, he could bring about a whole other set of characters to bring into the affiliation. Prowler, above even another version of Doc Oct, is the right choice for the secondary leader of Spider-Foes


As the villain to the starting point of the Spider-Verse as we know it today, I could see them pulling Karn in as a big threat option of a leader, in much the same way that Hulkbuster is a leader to the Avengers. While I would like to see him as a third or fourth leader rather than the next one, as you can tell from above, I still would like to see him as a leader at some point.


If they wanted to go for a Nostalgia option that would be sticking with one of the Peter Parkers villains, then Vulture would be my choice. He’s one of the original Sinister Six, and is now leading the Savage Six…. which is just a whole thing I don’t want to get into, but sufficient to say, he has the cred to lead the Spider-Foes, even if he’s not my preferred choice


This is probably the hardest to talk about, cause Wakanda, while notable for a very long time in the comics, has very few characters of note, and most of them have already been adapted into this game. That being said, there are still a couple, but most of them are stretches.


The most logical of the choices on this list, especially with the rumors that he’s going to be taking over for Black Panther in the second movie. That being said, I really don’t want them to do the White Ape version of the character, cause something about it just doesn’t feel right.

Madame Slay

This is probably the least likely character I have brought up here to have a model, let alone be a leader, but I needed a character other than Killmonger to represent the villainous side of Wakanda, and possibly be a leader of that, and this was the character that I dug up. Wakanda is a shallow well.


Wakanda is such a shallow well that I am digging up previous generations versions of the Black Panther. That being said, I could actually see this one, being the Black Panther of World War 2, which I could easily see them doing a full wave of at some point, alongside a WW2 Cap and Bucky. As well, he’s a Black Panther that feels different enough from T’Challa to be a separate model.

There we go, another three affiliations done, and that leaves next Monday where I will tackle the finale two affiliations, and maybe some extra opinions here and there.

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