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Thanos and Terraxia

The theme of this three-box roster is to run Thanos and Terraxia (, a converted She-Hulk, at every threat level. The plan is to run the following at the various threat levels. Note that you can run She-Hulk-lead A-Force at 14 if you did not want to run Thanos+Mind and She-Hulk.

14 – Thanos+Mind and She-Hulk

15 – Thanos+Mind, She-Hulk, and an A-Force 2-threat

16 – Thanos,+Mind She-Hulk, and an A-Force 3-threat

17 – Thanos+Mind, She-Hulk, and an A-Force 4-threat

18 – Thanos+Mind, She-Hulk, an A-Force 3-threat, and an A-Force 2-threat

19 – Thanos+Mind, She-Hulk, an A-Force 4-threat, and an A-Force 2-threat

20 – Thanos, She-Hulk,  an A-Force 4-threat, and an A-Force 3-threat

Rogue and Gambit X -Men

I think with Rogue/Gambit, x-men looks to be getting more power out of them. I also think with so many of them being able to be avengers, you can run a good dual affiliation list! Im going to start messing around with this list more on TTS!

Spider Foes

Spider-man has the best rogues gallery. They’re so well known, so fun, and so diverse in their powers & abilities. It’s hard to go wrong playing a crazy Green Goblin, a brilliant Doc Ock, or a rampaging Lizard.

Most if not all games will be at 17 threat so you want to have a rock solid 17 with a couple options.

  • Green Goblin (4)
  • Lizard (3)
  • Doc Ock (3)
  • Mysterio (3)
  • Carnage (4)

This is entirely Spider-Foes (which I always try to play especially in more casual games) and every single one has been in a Spider-Man movie so they’re all super recognizable on the table. 😎

For a beginning player the list is strong enough to run forward and try to murder people. Lizard and Doc Ock are simple but durable characters. Use them to run forward and attack your opponent.

Carnage is a glass cannon. Be coy with him and learn how to attack at the right moment.

Kraven can be swapped in for another 3-threat. And if you see a Web Warrior opposite you definitely bring him & Fearful Symmetry.

Criminal Syndicate

I went this direction because I think one of the most undervalued things in a list is effectiveness at an event. I have played card games other places, and some incredibly complex machine to eke out those last few points tends to fall apart when you’re on round 3 of a multi day event and watching the clock. Criminal Syndicate is pretty straightforward in what it wants to do, and all of its models are built around that.

Kingpin because he’s necessary for the leadership of Criminal Syndicate, as well as being an interesting (while pretty straightforward) character. Tanky as all get out too. This will obviously be a theme.

Bullseye as he’s someone great who can sit on a back point and just snipe out models or do that last bit of damage.

Hood because he offers a heal, has a transform mechanic, and offers some mystic typing, which gives damage diversity.

Doctor Voodoo because he’s a great scenario piece, as well as offering some power drain for what everyone else is just stomping the stuffing out of.

As a bonus, because the other affiliation is using Cabal, one character in every box also works for Cabal, which means that you have some very interesting list building options there.

Web Warriors

Firstly, this roster functions as a Web Warriors team with great flexibility. The core of Miles, Ghost Spider, and Moon Knight at 9 threat works with the other four 4-threat characters to adapt to any crisis at 17 threat (the vast majority of threat level for the core-set crises). Miles Morales is such a great character, and the recent Spider-Verse movie and upcoming movie has really sky-rocketed his popularity for me. This roster allows for a functioning, fast moving, disruptive Web Warriors team that can adapt to the situation at hand. 

Secondly, this roster also allows for quick change to the second affiliation: Midnight Sons. You can look across the table at your opponent’s roster and if they have weak Mystic defense, you can put together a very offensive Mystic attack squad from this roster. The core of Blade, Doctor Voodoo, and Moon Knight at 11 threat combines with the possibility of Hood (with his flexibility and mystic attacks) and Baron Zemo for re-rolls at 17 threat for a strong team. Many squads have weak Mystic defense so by shifting to playing on this axis, you can immediately start on a strong footing on turn zero. 

Finally, this roster can field an Avengers squad using Captain America (Steve) with Black Widow, Doctor Voodoo, or Blade filling out the affiliation requirements. The buffed Steve works well when slotted into other affiliations, but his improvements along with his leadership power makes for a formidable force that can stand on a point and stand up to the opponent’s aggression. 

This 3 box challenge really feels like it gives your squad a unique feel that you can feel proud to call your own. It effectively combines some of the newest releases with the oldest, and doesn’t rely on any single strategy or character to lean on every game you play. It can be a long-lasting and powerful roster to start a collection, with possibilities to follow your interest down Web Warriors, Midnight Sons, or Avengers in the future.


Here’s my entry:
Core box
Thanos (probably with one gem)

Whatever the threat level, you get to put a huge, awesome looking model on the table that makes other people want to play the game. The fact they add a 6, 7 and 8 threat option means it scales well with the threes in the core box.

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