Across the Bifrost 3 Box Holiday Challenge Winner

Our first 3 box challenge was a great success! We had a ton of roster submissions and ended up with over 300 votes from 21 countries. Huge shout out to Discount Games Inc for making this possible, and without further ado the winner is…

Tony C, and his X-Men/Avengers powered roster nominated by Jay. His boxes were:




Going dual affiliation is fairly common in 3 box, but doing it with X-Men is a cute touch. Hitting on some cult favorite characters with some new excitement/hotness was enough to propel Tony to the win this time! These boxes also bring a HUGE number of Team Tactic cards; Children of the Atom, Dark Past, First Class, Pardon Me, Sugah and Charming Thief.

So what did you think of this box? Is this something you’d play in a 3 box challenge? We hope you enjoyed the competition and plan on doing them semi regularly. Till next time everyone, cheers and happy gaming. 


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