TseungTsu here and I’m going to do a bad impression of Jacob from Xavier protocols. Here are the dirty stats for the start of the Season 7 TTS league. For cleaner and fancier work be sure to check Jacob’s site I anticipate it coming out soon, but Valentines day and the Super Bowl make this a weird week.

By dirty I mean we haven’t cleaned up or verified the data. There are duplicate counts for multiple submissions by the same players etc etc. In the professional world that means it’s totally useless, but I know a bunch of people are chomping at the bit so here we go

Christina Aguilera Redman Dirrty


Avengers and Brotherhood leading the way wasn’t something I was expecting. Criminals was my pick for the 2nd most played faction, but the recent additions to the affiliation chart do have a lot of people excited about Brotherhood, and rightly so. Web’s being middle of the pack was also a surprise to me. And what’s going on here with Unaffiliated? Looking at you Quinn are 1.5% of you trolling Jacob?


Forms response chart. Question title: Secure Crisis. Number of responses: 460 responses.

Demons and Infinity Formula are once again the top two taken Secures. Gamma slides down again to make way for newer crisis in Mutant Madmen, and Intrusions. If anything here is surprising to me, it’s SWORD Base. It was in the top 4 for the start of season 6, and it’s fallen heavily.

Forms response chart. Question title: Extract Crisis. Number of responses: 460 responses.

HAMMER TIME still reigns supreme. I honestly just think people like rolling more dies. Alien ships being next is a shocker, but with Brotherhood on top of the affiliation chart people want to grind. Legacy Virus and Research Station round out the top 4. You’ll want to make sure you have a plan for either of those, as some affiliations have some nasty tricks on those crisis.


I’m just covering the extreme 24 here. I trust Jacob will dive deeper into the numbers.

  • Black Cat 42%
  • Doctor Voodoo 40.2%
  • Toad 32.4%
  • Bullseye 30.9%
  • Lizard 28.3%
  • Juggernaut 27%
  • Rogue 22.6%
  • Hood 20.2%
  • Scarlet Witch 20%
  • Baron Zemo 19.3%
  • Mystique 17.4%
  • Rocket Racoon 16.7%
  • Viper .9%
  • Wasp 1.1%
  • Taskmaster 1.1%
  • Ultron 1.1%
  • Ebony Maw 1.7%
  • Ant-Man 2%
  • Sin 2.4%
  • Cassandra Nova 2.4%
  • Jean Grey 2.8%
  • Crystal 2.8 %
  • Black Bot 2.8%
  • War Machine 3%

I don’t know that anything here is surprising? Rocket seams high, but honestly being in the teens means he’s right in the area where a lot of characters fall. The clear top of Cat and Voodoo makes sense. The value 2’s in Toad and Bullseye no one with argue with. I wasn’t expecting Lizard to be that high, but I’m not suprised.

The bottom, well nothing here is surprising either. I do want to with all of you the best of luck using Wasp/Ant-Man I really do love those characters.

Tactics Cards

Just going to slice the top taken cards here

  • Indomitable 62.8%
  • Medpack 62.6%
  • Brace for Impact 45.9%
  • Field Dressing 43%
  • Advance R & D 28.9%
  • Blind Obsession 28%
  • Sacrifice 27.6%
  • Climbing Gear 27.4%
  • Bitter Rivals 26.1%
  • Do You Know Who I Am? 23.7%
  • Mission Objective 22.2%
  • Heroes for Hire 21.5%
  • Disarm 21.3%
  • Marked for Death 21.3%

The Top Restricted cards being Medpack, Brace and Field Dressing are basically chalk. Jugg has a huge fan base and is new and exciting so that being the highest character specific card makes perfect sense. Heroes for Hire being the second, but working with either of 2 very popular characters also just makes sense. I do want to note that Iron First was taken almost 50% more than Luke Cage. Didn’t see that curve ball.

Well that’s all I have for you today. I promise Pat and I will be diving deeper into this data this week, and be sure to check Jacob’s site for whenever he posts his cleaned up version of the numbers. I’d like to invite all of you to subscribe to Pat and I’s up coming YouTube channel that will be launching this week! Be the first to know about our initial videos by sub’ing early!

Okay everyone good luck in the league. And until next time cheers, and happy gaming,


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