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Hello MCPeeps! I’m MattoMattick, an aggressively mediocre MCP player and “what the hell does TMMXM stand for?” answering enthusiast. I’m here today because I’ve consumed too much coffee and can’t sleep I think an updated guide to slang and abbreviations would be helpful. The Roster Doctor has allowed me to “borrow” his content from his glossary written in October of 2021. If you want to read a well written, not rambly glossary it’s located here:

I’ll be filling in some of the cracks that have popped up since then, and listing LOA (lots of abbreviations) that I see commonly throughout the multi-discordverse. When you see someone ask for the meaning of something in a discord/tts point them this way after answering them so they can decode the riddles of the whichcords.

I’m far from a professional writer, and this is my first time using word press, so any comments/concerns/omissions/pointing out obvious misspellings would be appreciated. Without further stupidity, here it is.

2th – Sabertooth, Apex Predator, see also Apex/Sapex

AATP – All According to Plan Team Tactics Card

A, B, C, D, E, F – Refers to where tokens from secure and extract objectives are placed

Aggressive – A reactive trigger on attack damage to move towards the attacker ala Aggressive on Crossbones as well as She-Hulk’s Gamma Transfusion ability

AMG – Atomic Mass Games

AO – Ancient One

AR&D / R&D – Advanced R&D Team Tactic Card

ASM – Amazing Spider Man

ATB – Across the Bifrost, website with lots of Marvel Crisis Protocol content

Attrition – Refers to playstyle or character that focuses on attacking and eliminating enemy models

AYG – All You’ve Got Team Tactic Card, now banned

Backstop – A character or piece of terrain behind your character preventing them from being pushed backwards

Blue – Secure Crisis / Crisis Elements

BO – Black Order affiliation or Blind Obsession Team Tactic card depending on context

Bodyguard, BG – Any superpower / ability that lets a character take a hit for a nearby character ala the Bodyguard Superpower

Bow – Superpower that advances an enemy short, named after MODOK’s Bow to the Will of MODOK superpower

BOM, Brotherhood, Bhood – Brotherhood of Mutants affiliation

Bump – Range 1 place, named after Midnight Sons’ leadership Bump in the Night

BR – Bitter Rivals Team Tactic Card now banned

Brace – Brace for Impact Team Tactic Card

BRB – Beta Ray Bill

Builder – An attack that generates power

BW, BW1, BW2, BWAOS – Black Widow, may also see BW1 as core set 2 threat Black Widow, and BW2/BWAOS as Black Widow Agent of Shield (3 threat)

CGR – Cosmic Ghost Rider

Charge – Any superpower that lets you move + attack, obviously named after the basic effect

Cheerleader – Usually supportive/backline piece whose purpose is to stand on a back secure first and foremost, any further use is gravy

Control – Playstyle or effects that move enemy models rather than attack them. Also referred to as displacement.

Convo – Convocation Affiliation

Cosmic Carol – Captain Marvel Cosmic Avenger

CS, CrimSyn – Criminal Syndicate Affiliation

Cubes – Struggle for the Cube Continues Extract Crisis

Daddy – Dormammu

DD – Dark Dimension affiliation or Daredevil

Displacement– Playstyle or effects that move enemy models rather than attack them. Also referred to as Control.

DWTD – Deal with the Devil Team Tactics Cards

DP – Doomed Prophecy Team Tactic Card, or occasionally Deadpool

Dice Fixing – Effects or powers that allow rerolls, counting faces as successes, or other ways of making dice more reliable.

Diceless – An adjective used to describe an event or a series of events that can happen without needing to roll dice. A “Diceless Victory” for example usually refers to a board state where your opponent cannot do anything on board to stop you from winning that round, usually thanks to having no characters left to activate or someone hiding in a corner with extracts that you can’t get off of them.

Dual Affiliation – Having the option of running two separate affiliations in one roster

DYKWIA – Do you know who I am? Team Tactic Card

EITS – Eye in the Sky Team Tactic Card

FD – Field Dressing Team Tactic Card

Flip, Pay to flip, P2F, PTF – Type of secure where you score for taking control of it and marking with a token. Originates from when people would use the core box affiliation tokens which were Cabal on one side and Avengers on the other, and you’d “flip” the token back and forth.

Flex – Refers to a secondary affiliation one can use in a specific situation, “I have a black order flex if we play on research station”.

Flooded – Adjective used to describe a character with a lot of power i.e. “I’m going to activate Valkyrie before she dazes because she’s flooded”

Force – Taking 2+ similar crises so no matter what you discard, you can still play one (a lot harder with the upcoming crisis selection change!)

Foes – Spider-Foes affiliation

Gainer – a free attack that gains one power once completed regardless of damage dealt.

Gamma – Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest secure Crisis

Gemlord – Starlord with the power gem

GOTG – Guardians of the Galaxy

GR -Ghost Rider

Hammers – Fear Grips World as “Worthy” Terrorize Cities! extract crisis

HB – either Hulkbuster or Honey Badger

Hold Prio – Intentionally play in order to ensure you don’t activate last so that you get priority on the next round, usually by avoiding dazing un-activated enemy characters

Inured – Shorthand for reactive superpowers that reduce damage, ala Crossbones’ Inured to Pain

Invulnerable – Shorthand for flat damage reduction passives, used interchangeably on occasion with ones that go to 0 min damage like Thanos’ Being of Immeasurable Power

Juggs – Juggernaut

KP – Kingpin

LD – Leadership

List Chicken – Having 2 different leaders or affiliations, forcing the opponent to guess which will be played when building their squad.

Loki Bubble – Loki’s God of Mischief superpower area of effect

Mags – Magneto

Mal, Keith – Malekith

Mme, MMyEx – Meet My Executioner tactic card

MCP – Marvel Crisis Protocol

MS – Midnight Suns/Sons Affiliation

MS Thanos – Thanos with the Space and Reality infinity Gems

Ninja Flip – Place off an allied character ala Storm’s X-Men leadership ability or Medusa’s Royal Decree

NMTC – No Matter the Cost Team Tactics Card

NPE – Negative play experience. Generally used when something is unfun to play with/against.

OHT – Original Human Torch

Panic – Panic Grips City as Evacuation Efforts Continue! Extract Crisis

Portal – This has a lot of connotations (lots of Secure points are portals) but very commonly refers to the Pentagrams of Farralah portals that are central to how Defenders play

Power-Per-Damage Builder – A builder that gives you power per damage dealt

Prio – Priority

Pull – A push effect that is towards

QS – Quicksilver

R1-5 – Range 1-5

Red Skull 3 – Red Skull Master of the World

Red/Reds – Extract Crisis / Crisis Elements

RG – Red Guardian

RSMoH, RS2 – Red Skull Master of Hydra

Rummage – Crisis where you have to “find” the Extract ala Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership or Alien Ship Crashes Downtown! (Outdated since these crises have changed)

S, M, L – Short, Medium, Long movement tools/distances

Sam Spam – Captain America (Sam Wilson) led roster, usually going wider than other teams

Safe Grab – A play with the ability to move, pick up an extract and move back safely

Sap – Sap power, an effect on attacks like Enchantresses beam attack that can steal power from the defender

Sapex – Sabertooth, Apex Predator, see also 2th.

Scalpel – Scalpel of Strange Superpower from Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme

Senor/SR Thanos – Thanos with the Space and Reality infinity Gems

Siege – Siege of Darkness Team Tactic Card

SLDD, SDD – Shadowlands Daredevil

Spender – An attack that costs power and does not generate power

Spike, Spiking, Dice Spike – A very fortunate roll, often involving multiple crits.

Splash – Character taken from out of affiliation

SRCASR – Steve Rogers Captain America (4 threat non leader (Captain America)

Ssm – Spectacular Spiderman

Static Builder – A Builder that generates a flat amount of power, usually 1

Steve 3 St3v3 – Captain America First Avenger

Storm Hop –  Place off an allied character’s base using Storm’s X-Men Gold leadership ability 

Strange 1/2, SS Strange, SSS – Strange 1 refers to the first Dr. Strange model, named simply Doctor Strange. Strange 2/SS Strange, SSS refers to Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.

SW – Scarlet Witch

SWORD – S.W.O.R.D. Establishes Base On Moons Blue Area secure crisis

Taunt – Any superpower that forces a nearby enemy to attack them rather than another target ALA Too Dangerous to Ignore on Luke Cage

Tax – Effects like Loki’s God of Mischief superpower or the Root condition that make enemy superpowers cost more.

TMMXM – To Me My X-Men Team Tactic Card

Trigger – Dice face/s needed to use an effect on an attack, like pierce on Wolverine’s Adamantium Slash

TTC – Team Tactic Card

TTS – Tabletop Simulator, pc game that people use to play Marvel Crisis Protocol

Ultwon, Ultron 2, Nutron – Ultron Metal Tyrant

Wakanda Wave – A Wakanda focused early scoring plan, named after its early heavy reliance on the Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest secure, that relies on the auto-push attacks on Shuri and Black Panther combined with Wakanda Forever to rack up a big score early on fast scoring secures

Wide – Can refer to either a Crisis (usually secure) or a team. When referring to a crisis it means a spread out secure, usually a B or D setup. When referring to a team it means a high number of characters, usually > 5

WS – Winter Soldier

WW – Web Warriors

Whew, made it through to the end. Unfortunately, there’s no cool tease like at the end of an MCU movie. Thanks again to the Roster Doctor for making most of the actual content here and setting me up here on ATB….damn that’s another abbreviation.

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