Battle Report 23 AND 24 – Double Whammy!

Today we are back again, this time with a doubled down number of battle reports – As we bring no.23 and no.24 onto the Bifrost!

Battle report 23 saw the Winter Guard face off against the Inhumans – As requested by the open poll over on our YouTube community page! It’s all kicking off Downtown – As an Alien Ship crashing awakens dormant Demons beneath the cities surface!

Then in battle report 24 we have a Patreon Discord request – Which sets the Midnight Sons to face off against the Guardians of the Galaxy! Two two are shoehorned into a super low threat value, which brings some variety to the table as one team opts to go tall and the other stays wide!

You can join us again tomorrow as we return with Battle report number 25 – With another Patreon request as the Defenders bring a less commonly seen undying Assassin to the table… To face off against true royalty!

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