New core set hot takes part 5 Crossbones, Merciless Merc

Today we take a look at the new version of one of the slowest characters in the game beaten only by Mysterio: Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones. Now called Crossbones, Merciless Merc.

Here’s his new stat card:

New Brock is the other 3 threat in the new core set and falls at the exact opposite side of the spectrum from Peter Parker. Where Spectacular Spidey is a character you can use basically wherever you like and never feel bad about bringing him the Merciless Merc is a pure central fighting specialist. His play pattern isn’t going to be particularly complicated because he will just gonna move to the middle and beam the world. Aggressive plus hit and help to position him optimally and to get back on a secure once you’re done beaming. Both help mitigate his innate slowness a bit, too. His spender is fine should the situation call for it.

Brock has a bit of weird anti-synergy with new Red Skull as he has a Skull trigger on his beam which you usually wouldn’t want to turn into a crit, but it would probably be a case by case decision.

To me Brocks best home feels to be Inhumans. With his good beam he can generate a good amount of power which he can then sent to his teammates who might make better use of it.

He’s generally just a relatively tough body to stand in the middle and be annoying. So when you play on an E map Brock might be helpful. Never ever think about using him on a D secure though.

Brock also comes with a new tactics card:

From Jarvis Protocol. Art isn’t correct yet

It’s a pretty fun card that lets Brock (either version) sit on a point and stay there unless taken out. It’s sadly restricted to Cabal which lowers my opinion of the card quite a lot. Pat mentioned that it was probably Kingpins fault which makes a lot of sense but I would’ve liked it more if they found a way to exclude the usage of the card under Fisk than to restrict it to Cabal. Or at the very least make it Cabal and Hydra. But it is what it is.

Short one today as there isn’t all that much to say about Brocky Boy honestly. He’s a solid 3 threat role player for exactly one role and if you need someone to fill it it might as well be the Merciless Merc.

next up we’ll take a look at The Black Widow, who lets be honest, might have the laziest name distinction to her original core set version.

See you then and cheers from Germany 🍻

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