New core set hot takes part 6, The Black Widow

Welcome back. Today we’ll take a look at Natasha Romanoff’s third incarnation in the game now named “The Black Widow”.

And while the name is not all that different from Core 1s Black Widow the stat cards a very different indeed:

fron Jarvis Protocol

Earth’s mightiest Natasha is four threat and what you get for double you investment is basically two threat widow on steroids. Natasha has a decent but not super exciting attack suite, with her Range 4 gainer that can wild Stun before damage probably being the most interesting. Unlike 3 threat Widow she keeps her Long movement here and adds two more defensive superpowers to her staples of Stealth and Martial Artist. Calculated risks helps her stay alive and All that Matters is the Mission is a nice fail safe if an opponent gets through all the defenses.

Four threat Widows role will be similar to two threat in that you’ll want pick up an extract early, but different in that you’ll probably won’t retreat to safety with it. You can easily grab one of your opponents extracts with her and then dare your opponent to do something about her. And when the time comes to fight she can hold her own, too.

We also get a new tactics card useable by all three Widows in:

Free, out of activation, movement is always great and gaining Wall Crawler on top of it is pretty fantastic too. Range 3 makes it possible that you’ll have someone in range even if you’ve gone and picked up an extract from further away. I think it’s a decent card you should at least consider for your ten if you have one or more versions of Natasha Romanoff in your Roster.

That’s it for today. Next we’ll look at Baron Helmut Zemo. Until then and Cheers from Germany 🍻

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