New core set hot takes part 7, Baron Helmut Zemo

Helmut Zeno returns with a cool new mini and what’s probably the most different leadership we’ve seen so far. Let’s look at his card:

From Jarvis Protocol

Zemos Hydra Leadership lets you take an additional Hydra or unaffiliated tactics card when you declare you’re using it. So after deployment is finished. It also refunds one power to one of the characters that spent power to play a tactics card. The internet is running wild with ways to get the additional card and then change the leadership with Versatile Strategy or include Baron Helmut Zeno in a Hydra squad to play Two more shall rise to get the additional card when the first leader dies. I don’t think either is particularly desirable. The first has a very small net gain in that you spent your additional card slot for Versatile Strategy and only gain the information of deployment. The latter would be a decent back up if you plan to run multiple leaders in your squad often. A core of all three Hydra leaders is now 5+3+4= 12 Threat so not out of the question. But: 3 threat Zemo remains one of the premier affiliated models and leaving him out would hurt a lot. Outside of his leadership I feel 4 Threat Helmut sadly doesn’t compare too well to his old version. He feels more like a Range 4 pistol shooter that can fight up close when he needs to, while old Zemo can zoom around the board and bring the hurt wherever it is needed.

We do get a new tactics card useable by either Zemo:

This card is pure gold. From the amazing art to all the possible effects it will basically always make your 10 if you have either Zemo in your Roster and is never a bad card to put in your 5 if you put a Helmut on the table.

That’s it for today folks. Tomorrow we’ll look at the Invincible Iron Man. See you then and cheers from Germany 🍻

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