SG Protocol: Which version of a character should you take?

After finishing with our hot takes on the new core set characters, I thought it would be fun to look at all characters in the game that have more than one incarnation and figure out which version is the most well rounded. Mcl doesn’t necessarily mean the strongest but the one you can put in any Roster and expect it to do reasonably well. Basically a resource for someone who wants to play their favourite character no matter what.
So let’s first look at who actually has more than one version:

Peter Parker:

– Amazing Spider-Man (5 Threat)
– Spider-Man (4 Threat)
– Spectacular Spider-Man (3 Threat)

Spectacular Spider-Man takes the prize here very easily with Amazing Spidey a decent option if you can find the room for him. Original core Spidey is sadly rather left at home.

Helmut Zemo:

– Baron Zemo (3 Threat)
– Baron Helmut Zemo (4 Threat)

Original core set Zemo all the way here. New Zemo isn’t bad per se, but 3 Threat Helmut remains one of the overall best 3 threats in the game. You can never go wrong with him.

Natasha Romanoff:

– Black Widow (2 Threat)
– Black Widow, Agent of Shield (3 Threat)
– The Black Widow (4 Threat)

Here we probably have the biggest room for discussion. Personally I would still value 2 Threat Widow the highest just because of Roster flexibility. If you love the character and want her to be better at putting our the hurt herself go for the new 4 threat version. 3 Threat Natasha is also pretty good but less of an Allrounder and needs specific teams to help her shine.

Steve Rogers:

– Captain America (4 Threat)
– Steve Rogers, Captain America (4 Threat)
– Captain America, First Avenger (4 Threat)

This is pretty hard to decide. Basically none of these is bad but you can probably leave the card for the best scuplt (Steve Rogers, Captain America if that wasn’t clear) at home and use him with one of the other stat cards. Steve is seldom used as a splash, especially since both his leaderships are absolutely fantastic. But if you’re not planning on running Avengers leadership at all original Steve is probably the bigger help for your team simply because he can bodyguard which First Avenger Steve can’t. He’d be the better Splash if you need a 4 threat tanky brawler.

Carol Danvers:

– Captain Marvel (4 Threat)
– Captain Marvel, Cosmic Avenger (5 Threat)

Cosmic Carol hands down. I have yet to test her but by simple game mechanics she’s got to be a tonne more fun and much more evocative of how Carol is in the Comics and Movies. Original core set Carol isn’t bad if you can give her some power but she is basically an immobile Gun turret who uses the size 4 throw if someone gets to close.

Brock Rumlow:

– Crossbones (3 Threat)
– Crossbones, Merciless Merc (3 Threat)

This one is hard. From pure stat cards the Merciless Merc is probably the better choice. He is a singular role player but good at it. But if you like Crossbones from the Comics and want to play him with his Girlfriend Sin you’re much better of with original Brock for all the synergies he has with her.

Otto Octavius:

– Doctor Octopus (3 Threat)
– Doc Ock, Sinister Scientist (4 Threat)

The Sinister Scientist takes the prize here. But 3 threat Otto is still decent. He is just often overshadowed by Lizard who plays a very comparable game. 4 Threat Otto is straight up stronger in every way for his extra threat and comes with what, at least for me, is now the default Spider-Foes leadership.

Stephen Vincent Strange:

– Doctor Strange (5 Threat, can be 6 Threat per Time or Soul Gem)
– Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme (5 Threat)

This is really pick your flavour here with classic Strange being the defensive and Supreme Strange being the offensive version. Supreme can do the Eyes on the Prize center extract grab play which is why he often wins out.

Bruce Banner:

– Hulk (6 Threat)
– Immortal Hulk (7 Threat)

iHulks Model is much much better, but classic Hulk is generally considered the best character in the game. iHulk feels a bit more like playing Hulk though.

Tony Stark:

– Iron Man (3 Threat)
– Hulkbuster (6 Threat)
– Invincible Iron Man (4 Threat)

Classic core set Tony takes the cake still. No incarnation is bad here but similar to Zemo original core Iron Man is 3 threat you’ll never feel bad for bringing.

George Tarleton:

– M.O.D.O.K. (5 Threat)
– M.O.D.O.K., Scientist Supreme (4 Threat)

While Nudok (Scientist Supreme) is well regarded as a great CS leader if you just want to put a M.O.D.O.K. on the table the 5 threat version still wins out for me bringing more overall damage output and control for his extra point of threat.

Johann Schmidt:

– Red Skull (4 Threat)
– Red Skull, Master of Hydra (5 threat)
– Red Skull, Master of the World (4 threat)

Another difficult one as all three versions bring leaderships and all are very good ones on top of that. But if we look at the overall package the Master of Hydra wins it out here with World Skull following but as a very different play pattern character.

Victor Creed:

– Sabertooth (4 threat)
– Sabertooth, Apex Predator (4 threat)

Maybe a bit surprising but in terms of the premise of this article classic Sabertooth is the pick here. And not because of the insane price tag of Apex Predator (but that doesn’t help either). Apex has a much higher ceiling but he needs to be in a team that can help make him shine. Classic Creed will do murder wherever you put him.

Matt Murdock:

– Daredevil (4 Threat)
– Shadowlands Daredevil (4 Threat)

Original DD sadly feels like a decent 3 threat and not like a 4. Play Shadowlands if you want to run Matt Murdock…


– Ultron (4 Threat)
– Ultron, Metal Tyrant (5 Threat)

Take the one that better fits your Roster. Don’t take the Metal Tyrant if you’re running another Grunt character as the Drones are an important part of the Tyrants kit but they are strictly worse than any other Grunts, not being able to participate in scenario at all.

James “Bucky” Barnes:

– Winter Soldier (3 Threat)
– Winter Soldier, Operative (4 Threat)

Original Winter Soldier is probably the most splashed 3 threat, if not character period. Which makes it hard to not recommend him. I’m interested to see what Operative can actually do on the board though so the opinion might change with time.

James “Logan” Howlett:

– Wolverine (4 Threat)
– Logan, the Wolverine (4 Threat)

It’s a stupid character, take Scott Summers instead 😉 Logan is pretty much better than OG Wolverine in every way here.

And that’s it currently with character with more than one incarnation. N’Jadaka (Erik Killmonger) and T’Challa will soon join the ranks and I will add them as soon as their new cards are revealed.

But for now, Cheers from Germany 🍻

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