SG Protocol: Batrep Winter Guard Vs. Avengers

In what was probably the last in person game for Brother B. and me for the next few month (he had a baby a couple of days ago) Crimson Dynamo brought his Winter Guard to hold of a rampaging Hulk and his Avengers friends in the dessert.

Dynamo, Red Guardian, Dark Star, Taskmaster, Crystal and Nebula


Steve 1, Hulk, Iron Man and the Amazing Spider-Man

On Montessi Formular and Cosmic Invasion at 18 threat.

I had priority but going 6 wide against 4 meant that was first round and first round only.

The bulk of my force deployed right in the middle with Crystal and Taskmaster on each side
B. Also chose to deploy right in the middle but with ASMs and Hulks mobility, especially under Steve 1, that didn’t mean too much

The board state after round one. Books were picked up by ASM, Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo. Leading to an even 3:3 score.

Is Taskmaster a match for Hulk?
Cap and Tony guard the rear Invasion
ASM and Crystal battling it out on the other flank

After Hulk failed to daze Taskmaster he just threw him off of the point when he was already activated. Red Guardian was able to reach it to keep it contested though.

Steve had joined Peter Parker who had taken quite a beating from Dark Star to secure the point for B. Making it a 7:5 score after two rounds.

Winter Guard has no tokens of their own so I chose Inhumans for them…

Nebula helps Dynamo grinding down Hulk who himself whiffs heavily against the Winter Guard leader
Shield trowing buddies on the secure
Crystal dazes amazing Pete and takes his book
a big swing turn for me mostly on the back of Crystal
Amazing Spidey shows Hulk how it’s done and dazes CD
Steve takes the point
after getting the Book from Spidey, Crystal who has only one stamina left makes a run for it
Realising it doesn’t need LOS B. Unleashes the Helios Laser on Red Guardian dazing him instantly
Where I had a big swing turn round 3 the Avengers retaliation was even harder
Red dice are Stamina … Hulk lives with one Health which basically seals the game as I have no one who can stop Iron Man from continuing to score 2 VP a round.
Hulk bravely runs away
Red Guardian yells at the sky as he can’t reach Tony and decides to at least score the secure again
final Score 15:18

Overall this game was a lot of fun. While B. didn’t give me a single condition I could have used my leadership on, at least the cute interaction with Cosmic Invasion and the second part of the leadership worked out extremely well. I got a lot of power but never got pushed from the Crisis as I managed to roll the leadership trigger every time it would have happened.

What went wrong? I should have sent Nebula and possibly also Red Guardian/ Taskmaster after Tony Stark. He ended up scoring 10 of B.s 18 VP by just standing around. His Helios against RG was also back breaking in the already hard Avengers swing back turn.

Overall I think all three WG members, especially Dark Star who I fell in love with, are very good individually. I don’t know how well I like them as an affiliation though. I don’t believe this is a particularly hot hot take but I think I like them more as splashes. That said Sovereign Strike is a beyond awesome tactics card.

Next time we’ll look at different routes to roster creation.

See you then and cheers from Germany 🍻

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