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Welcome back to SG Protocol.

Today I’ll start a new series simply called “Which… ”

It’s only been a couple of months since I wrote an article about which version of a character is best to represent the character if you want to play it in every game. I originally planned to only update the article once we had the cards for new Black Panther and Killmonger but so much has changed since the article was written that I decided to instead make it a series where we take in deep looks of these characters one by one. Starting today with someone I’m very excited to put on the table much more now:

The single most beloved comic book character ever, Peter Parker.

We now have three versions of good old Pete on offer:

Our newest addition is also the slowest at only moving M, but also the cheapest at 3 threat. Spectacular Pete (SSM) comes with the affiliation tags of Web Warriors (duh) and Shield (huh?).

His pros are:

100% reliable power generation. I’m always a huge fan of gainers as they take away a potential headache for you in guaranteeing you a power, where builders have left me down too many times.

He may be the slowest Peter Parker but his Web Swing, and the advance trigger on swinging strike still means he’s fast.

Range 3, size 3 character throw

Push trigger on Impact Webbing


Only 5/5 health and a (deceptive) 3/3/3 defensive stat line

Some people will call him only having gainers a con (I don’t really agree though)

Probably no meaningful damage output, which might not satisfy you when you want your Peter to be good at punching those baddies.

Sculpt: A-. Really dynamic but while cool with the Venom Symbiote I’m not a fan of “tactical enemy” on bases. Otherwise pretty excellent.

From the newest to the oldest. Original core set and now Web Warriors affiliation pack Peter Parker is a 4 threat character that honestly doesn’t feel like that much of an upgrade over SSM…

The differences are that SM here has an additional point of stamina on his front side, L movement but no Web Swing, his Strike is a builder, his Spender is cheaper but also has a die less and not as cool a trigger and he can throw either terrain or characters from range 3 but limited to size 2. And instead of Web Swing he has Web Line to pull enemy characters in. Which is generally a good superpower to have and great on characters like Venom and Omega Red who are slow to get into the fight and want enemies close. But neither of those things is true for 4 threat Peter here.

This version isn’t affiliated in Shield but in Defenders, where the competition for affiliated 4 kind of couldn’t be harder.

And he’s obviously a Web Warrior but faces the competition of Spider-Woman, Daredevil, Agent Venom and Venom for affiliated 4 threat as well as his two other versions.

So his Pros and Cons don’t really differ too much from 3 threat Peter and I have to be honest: I don’t see a reason to ever reach for this Peter sadly and he’s not made any of my rosters before the updates and new core box and it’s not gonna change now.

Sculpt: Original D-. It’s not terrible but lacks the dynamic we are now used to which is especially daunting on Peter Parker.

Rivals Panel: A. Polar opposite to core set/ WW affiliation Pack Peter this sculpt is flat out excellent.

Pete the Great. This is the 5 threat seasoned veteran version of the character and probably best if you want to see him kick some butt on the table. ASM is flatly the fastest character in the game. L move on a 50mm base means he can grab a central extract with a single move action, he adds Web Swing for the enormous Range 3 place and the automatic M advance on his spender. Amazing Pete used to have the problem of being such an annoying target for enemy attacks that they often just tried to ignore him to ruin his power economy. He’s still a terrible target for most attacks with his full defensive rerolls and Witty Banter for only 1 power but his new rule to give him one power if he rolls at least one crit does so much over the course of the game. He is also now hands down the Pay 2 Flip God.

If you want your Peter Parker to be a high impact force on the board (more for scenario than for attrition to be fair) and can shell out the 5 threat for him chances are high ASM will not disappoint you.

ASM is a Defender and a good tool to have under Daredevil. Playing him under Doctor Strange is 10 threat already and might not synergize too well honestly.

In Web Warriors he is a leader and his leadership is pretty good but not an every game one and hard to play effectively. He is great under Miles though so having him in your squad in every Web Warriors game isn’t a problem at all.

Sculpt: A-. Really just personal preference in me liking the Rival Panels Peter better.

So Which Peter Parker should you play if you want to put him on the table no matter what?

It depends on what your team is and how you play: Go with Spectacular Spider-Man if you need a cheap, reliable objective runner with some control.

If you have space for a high impact objective god go all the way up to 5 threat Amazing Spider-Man.

Leave 4 threat Spider-Man on the shelf.

That’s it for today. Next time we’ll look at which Matt Murdock you should take.

See you then and Cheers from Germany 🍻

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