SG Protocol: Which… Matt Murdock?

Welcome back to SG Protocol and our ongoing series Which… where you take a look at characters with more than one incarnation in the game and decide which version you should take if you want to play the character in every game no matter what the rest of your team is.

Yesterday we looked at the most popular character in all of Pop culture, Peter Parker.

Today we have someone adjacent to him and my favourite Marvel hero, Matt Murdock, the Daredevil.

As “Good Guy” Daredevil Matt’s got a shiny new card:

Daredevil is an L moving, defensively stable brawler with decent control options. His extremely fluffy superpowers Man without Fear and Devil of Hell’s Kitchen catch the spirit of the character extremely well. Marvel Knights is also a pretty good leadership.

Sculpt: A. Extremely dynamic and in the fight.

He’s up against his possessed Hand Leader Form in Shadowland Daredevil:

So what are the differences? SLDD is quite a lot harder to take out than regular Matt since he adds Stealth to the Radar Sense and also has two more points of Stamina overall, one on each side of his card. He also brings his Hand Ninja Grunts. What SDD is lacking compared to his other version is the L move (moving M instead) and any kind of control and displacement.

His leadership looks flat out better at first look because it affects every attack instead of being once per turn. And it’s a very good leadership don’t get me wrong but the times your target doesn’t hold or contest an objective are more often than you would think.

Sculpt: B. Rather static pose but fitting for this version of the character.

But which version should you take if you want to play Matt Murdock in every game?

I think nowadays they are very well balanced against each other.

Obviously grab for the affiliated version if possible and actually pretty likely for Defenders or CS. He is also now a fantastic Web Warrior.

Unaffiliated it is more of a question of what you want/ need. Daredevil is faster and can attack more often in a game with his superpowers. Shadowland has Stealth and his Ninjas to help with the extract game and be a relatively tough body to sit on a objective. He also doesn’t have a good way to spend his power unlike unpossessed Matt has. So he doesn’t gain much from power up leaderships while regular Daredevil does. Shadowland is probably the better option in Convocation for his Grunts (then again it is a very easy dual affiliation so regular being a back up leader makes him a very good choice there still) and in Inhumans to give power up to someone who needs it.

While I like and often play Shadowland, regular Daredevil is now the character to grab if you want Matt Murdock on the table. While not decidedly better than Shadowland, his play pattern is how you want Daredevil to play, where SLDD is much more of a held back, fights decent when he has to kind of character on the board.

That’s it for today. Next we’ll look at another character who got his third iteration in the game from Earth’s mightiest Core Set in Johann Schmidt. See you then and Cheers from Germany 🍻

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