Witty Banter Ep 3 – Ranking the Six New Mutant Characters

Big news, webheads, we have started our first giveaway! Some lucky webhead will win a mutant box of their choice. You get an entry (or entries) by being a Patreon, and by leaving us a rating and review. Get to it, webheads!

We also debut a new series, Who’s Your Sabertooth? JP talks about an unexpected string of losses that came from Patrick’s Sabertooth, and how it became an inside joke about characters you just always and inexplicably fare badly against. The rest of the crew talked about who their Sabertooth was, and we’d like to hear yours, webheads!

Once we get to the meat of the show, the crew talks about characters they’d like to see in the game, then dives into ranking the six new mutant characters (no, not those New Mutants) released by AMG.

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