Witty Banter Ep 4 – The Rules About Rulers

In this week’s episode, the crew thanks our new Patreon supports and gives you, webheads, your last reminder before our first giveaway! You can get in on the fun by leaving us a review and a comment and sending us a screenshot, as well as being a Patreon!

We then talk about our experience at the Big Beef Beatdown, which is the first data point for how the game has been affected by CGR’s nerf and the inclusion of the new mutant characters.

We then get into a discussion about contrast paints. We don’t exactly decide whether they’re awesome or cheating, but we do share a lot of thoughts and ideas on how best to use them.

In our Headline, we take a deep-dive into how to properly use the movement and range tools during a game. It’s an easy area to get wrong! The crew helps make sure you understand the rules, gives suggestions on how to observe them in a way that keeps the game fun, and gives some clever hacks on ways to use the tools to your advantage.

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