Welcome back to SG Protocol.

Today we have a classic battle between Hydra and Shield:

We used my new Sci-Fi mat that also fits well as a military base. And I got to put some of my WH40k Imperial Guard Tanks on a table too!

These were the squads:

Agent Venom; Taskmaster; Red Skull, Master of Hydra; Spider-Woman


Invincible Iron Man (leader); Spider-Woman; Cable; Nick Fury Jr.; Bullseye

We played on Infinity Formular and Legacy Virus at 19 threat. Priority was for me with Hydra.

It quickly became clear that when running a power leadership like Red Skull 2s giving your opponent extra power through Infinity Formula is a plain bad idea. Being used to Fury not having Eye in the Sky online at the top of round 2 I made a huge misplay when my (the true!) Spider-Woman dived into iTony who had a Virus to Spender him (which drops the extract). But since Fury was securing an Infinity Formula he did have 3 power to Eye Tony out of range and forcing Jess to use the refunded action to jump back into safety from Cable.

The heroic Taskmaster holds down the point against the evil Time traveler and the billionaire arms dealer.

Agent Venom, Baron Zemo and Red Skull 2 (with his Hydra Troopers) team up on the other side against Fury, fake Jessica and Bullseye. Sadly despite their best efforts they can’t seem to overwhelm them.

Zemo makes a desperate play to get a Virus off of Bullseye but even with his Master Swordsmen refills fails to daze a 2 health Bullseye.

In the end even the combined efforts of the great heroes of Hydra can’t stop the evil scoundrels of SHIELD.

Final Score after 4 rounds:

16:10 SHIELD.

What have I learned from the game?

As I said above, Infinity Formula is not a good crisis when you have a power building leadership. Agent Venom has been decent but Apex would’ve probably helped me more.

The next in person game will probably be later in the month and I’ll definitely bring Hydra once again but it might be a completely different list then. But MODOK Criminals call to me heavily too and of course I have a good record with Doc Ock Spider-Foes as well. Aaaaand then there is this Dark Elf King on his little kitty cat sitting on my painting desk who I really want to put on the table as well. And also a certain Lord of the Dark Dimension. So as you can see I’ll very much stay with the “good” guys for the foreseeable future. Asgard pre-orders have been confirmed to be for July (😩) so my break from them could be longer than expected. We’ll see.

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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