The Bovine Overlord – Inhumans tournament report: Fabulous February! 03Feb2024

Hello, Across The Bifrost people! I’m Argentbadger (but my mum calls me Paul), I live in Scotland and I love to play Marvel Crisis Protocol. I’ve been kindly allowed to share my MCP experiences on this Nexus, but the first couple of posts from me will go back to the start of this year. If you’re really keen then the rest of my blog can be found here, with tournaments specifically here.

This was my first Marvel Crisis Protocol event of 2024. Akos kindly drove Gareth, Joe and me over to Common Ground Games in Stirling so we could all throw dice for a day of playing with our dollies doing intense competitive tactical thinking. Joe is a newcomer to MCP but has been a long time friend in wargaming and very long term readers of my blog might remember him from when I played a lot of Malifaux. The MCP community here in Scotland is in great shape with 28 players showing up for just a random February event with nothing particular on the line.

For this event I wanted to try out the Inhumans as I’d just received them for my birthday. The affiliation has been a bit of a joke throughout most of MCP as Black Bolt was considered rather underpowered and he was a bit of an anchor weighing the faction down; however the recent balance update has changed this with some very minor but welcome tweaks to the King of the Inhumans and I think that they’re very playable now. Black Bolt himself doesn’t do very much fancy, he just attacks things, so my plans were to try to force brawls wherever possible. Supplementing this plan I splashed in Crimson Dynamo who is just the most obvious choice for fighting on C and E maps and his kit is really designed to help keep the attrition one-sided. My other out-of-affiliation picks were intended to cover my weaknesses in other scenarios, either spread out Secures or fast scoring Extracts. Rhino is a strong choice for chasing down fleeing extract carriers, and I put in Captain America (Sam Wilson) not only to threaten to Airlift my fighting pieces around but also because his speed allows him to rotate very well on D maps. Both of them get a lot of value out of the Inhumans leadership being able to grant them an extra power in round one and this can really help kickstart their game.

Characters (10)

Black Bolt (5)
Crystal (3)
Medusa (4)
Ms. Marvel (3)
Quicksilver (3)
Crimson Dynamo (4)
Toad (2)
Captain America (Sam Wilson) (3)
Rhino (4)
Beast (3)

Team Tactics (10)
Brace for Impact (R)
Sacrifice (R)
Can I Borrow That?
Eyes on the Prize
Fall Back
Inhuman Royal Family
Mission Objective
This is a Robbery

Secure Crisis
Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest (E, 15)
Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due? (E, 19)
Intrusions Open Across City As Seals Collapse (C, 19)

Extract Crisis
Research Station Attacked! (E, 15)
Alien Ship Crashes In Downtown! (C, 17)
Deadly Legacy Virus Cured? (C, 19)

Game 1: Joe playing Criminal Syndicate

There is actually feature in Longshanks where you can set someone as your friend so you won’t play them in round one, but as you can see I forgot to do that for Joe! I always love playing against Joe in any game but this should be a bit of a mismatch as I’ve played loads of MCP and this is his third game ever. I win priority and pick my Secures as I would rather play on my slow-scoring ones than the wider ones that favour Kingpin. There is a cheeky play on Spider-Infected or Cubes that Inhumans can do with Quicksilver and priority so I decide to have a bit of fun with that.

Extraction: Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan
Secure: Intrusions Open Across City As Seals Collapse
Threat: 17
My team: Black Bolt, Medusa, Ms Marvel, Quicksilver, Toad
My cards: Brace For Impact, Inhuman Royal Family, Sacrifice, Smash, Terrigenesis
Joe’s team: Kingpin, Bullseye, Elektra, Rhino, Lizard
Joe’s cards: Advanced R&D, All According To Plan, Brace For Impact, This Is A Robbery, X-Ceptional Healing

Round 1: I can be quite naughty here with Quicksilver and collect one of Joe’s home Spider-Infected before he gets much of a chance to do anything about it, so I could end up on 4 Spider-Infected. On the other hand, I suspect that I’ll struggle to hold any of the Secures so I’m just playing to keep in the game until I can work over some of Kingpin’s team. Toad takes the centre Spider-Infected and hags back to be relatively safe from reprisal and Black Bolt passes a power to Quicksilver. Bullseye collects the far right Spider-Infected. Quicksilver activates, takes Black Bolt’s other power and then races off down the board with his Speedster power, collects the back left Spider-Infected and then launches himself back toward my lines. Lizard sits in the middle and Ms Marvel just punches Bullseye and picks up the near right Spider-Infected. Black Bolt bounces off Lizard, Medusa collects the final Spider-Infected and moves to the left Secure and everyone else just strolls up to the middle; Elektra taking a swing at Medusa in the process. We finish the round at 4 – 4.

Round 2: Everyone except Quicksilver gets moved by the Spider-Infected. I suspect that I’m going to go down on points here as I’m definitely going to give up at least one Spider-Infected to Rhino so my plan is to put my efforts into attrition and give myself a chance to start competing on the Secure. Black Bolt hurts Rhino in the hope that I get very lucky and down him before he goes, but of course leaves him on one wound. Rhino uses This Is A Robbery on Toad and I brace the throw into Black Bolt; Toad survives on a single wound. Toad does manage the last wound on Rhino and collects his Spider-Infected again, before running away from all the scary Criminals in the centre. Medusa survives attacks from Elektra with just one wound remaining (yes, that is three turns of attacking and three characters left on a single wound) so I pretty much have to go with her, throwing the scary ninja lady away and fortuitously not dazing to Martial Prowess. Kingpin throws Black Bolt into Toad and the latter miraculously manages to block all the damage and eventually Lizard is forced to take care of him. Quicksilver clears off the Hand Ninjas on the left while Bullseye and Ms Marvel trudge back into the right side point and trade slaps. We go to 8 – 8.

Round 3: I’m quite happy holding onto three of the Spider-Infected but I need to start dazing the Criminals faster so Joe can’t just sit them on the Secures and score us out. Medusa, still on a single wound, dazes Elektra on the left and Bullseye goes wild on the right, dazing Ms Marvel with a single attack. Black Bolt leaves Rhino on a single wound for the second time in a row, and the big chap dazes Medusa (who admittedly has lived a rather charmed life up to now); Quicksilver dodges away from the second attack with his Can’t Catch Me power. Toad comes across and dazes Bullseye on the right and in the centre Kingpin and Lizard gang up to daze Black Bolt. Finally Quicksilver finishes of Rhino and puts me in a much more comfortable position. We go to 11 – 10 in my favour.

Round 4: Joe plays All According To Plan and then the Spider-Infected move everyone, turning the board state into total chaos. Now that most of the Criminals are on their injured side it makes it a bit more practical for me to actually score the Secure; I only need 5 points to see this out here and I think that I can probably do that if I’m careful to protect my Extract carriers. Elektra continues the theme of the game by leaving Medusa on a single wound yet again, and she gets KOed in return; probably I shouldn’t have activated her here but I wanted to make sure that she got an activation and, crucially, that I’d be able to go last with Black Bolt or Ms Marvel for a bit of displacement. Bullseye attacks Toad who takes the opportunity to Slippery out of range of a second attack. Kingpin hurts Black Bolt and Staggers him, then Ms Marvel finally Embiggens and finishes of Bullseye. Lizard moves over to the left and drops Medusa with a throw and finally Black Bolt uses Master Punch to launch Kingpin off the centre and take that spot instead. We wrap this game up at 16 – 12 in my favour.

What a great showing from Joe. I worried that the gulf in experience might have made that a bit of a non-game but his overall skill at wargaming really shone through here; I’m looking forward to seeing how well he does when he’s got a few more games under his belt. I got a bit lucky a few times with Medusa surviving on a single wound, but I guess maybe the same was true of Rhino. Overall it was quite pleasing that the game played out largely as I had expected, i.e. with me hanging on at the start while Kingpin’s leadership was relevant and then gradually things swung in my favour as attrition came to me. I did miss a couple of opportunities to play Terrigenesis so that’s definitely something for me to look out for.

Game 2: Ryan playing X-Men

It’s been a while since I played Ryan so I was really looking forward to this. I was expecting to see pay-to-flip Secures here (which I think Inhumans don’t like much as it taxes their round one power economy) but was pleased to see that this wasn’t the case. As it happened, Ryan clearly decided that he didn’t mind a big fight in the middle and went for his Extracts after winning priority which suited me just fine. I picked 19 threat as I can put down a very nice fighting team at that level – basically the four most attack oriented Inhumans plus Crimson Dynamo to just generally be a pain in the neck on the Secure shape. I was a bit worried that Ryan would have a plan to steal all the Extracts and then just back off and force me to over extend, but since my plan was just to keep the score within touching distance and spend my time attacking all the X-Men anyway I felt that this was manageable. Credit to Ryan for pointing out to me that the Paranoia tokens aren’t actually Civilians and allowing me to swap out Terrigenesis for a card that actually does something.

Extraction: Paranoia Pummels Populace!
Secure: Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due?
Threat: 19
My team: Black Bolt, Crystal, Medusa, Ms Marvel, Crimson Dynamo
My cards: Brace For Impact, Eyes On The Prize, Inhuman Royal Family, Sacrifice, Smash
Ryan’s team: Cyclops, Magik, Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine
Ryan’s cards: Children Of The Atom, Indomitable, Journey Through Limbo, To Me My X-Men, X-Ceptional Healing

Round 1: This game is going to be a fight of my own making, so I need to just make sure that I can stay even on the Extracts and then get on with using Crimson Dynamo to blunt the X-Men attack while I have my team beat them all senseless. Psylocke starts us off by collecting the Extract on the right and I realise that I wasted a card in Eyes on the Prize because I only had Crystal as a safe grab. Ms Marvel takes the left side Extract and takes cover behind the car while Black Bolt gives Medusa a power to start my power train going. Magik can’t manage to stick any damage on Ms Marvel , which is excellent as it also stops Rogue jumping me with Cyclops’ leadership. Over on the right, I move Crystal in toward the centre just to delay a bit more and take a random potshot at Psylocke, figuring that I can maybe do a bit of damage or push her away; she ends up getting dazed. Ironically this is one of the few things that I find frustrating about MCP – the dice pools are quite small so every now and then you get a completely insane outcome. Cyclops moves up to the rear Portal and uses To Me My X-Men to bring Rogue and Wolverine forward a little. Medusa uses Royal Decree to move Crimson Dynamo and then collects a central Extract. Wolverine comes forward but bounces off Crimson Dynamo then Black Bolt advance and hurts Wolverine. Rogue repays the dice from earlier by one-shotting Ms Marvel, then Crimson Dynamo finishes off Wolverine and hurts Cyclops. The score is 5 – 3 to me.

Round 2: I need to lock in an attrition advantage here by KOing either Psylocke or Wolverine. I think I’ll have to let Wolverine have at least one attack as he has X-Ceptional Healing online and the chance of taking him down before he activates are close to zero; I don’t want to risk leaving him with a bunch of damage on him to make him even more dangerous. Cyclops hurts Crimson Dynamo and Medusa; I use Disruption Field to avoid the triggers for further attacks. Ms Marvel uses Smash and hurts Rogue, so the mutant gets stuck into Medusa. I take the first swing on Black Bolt with A King Serves His People but Medusa is still left with one wound left. She dazes Rogue and pushes Wolverine away. He comes back in and attacks Crimson Dynamo, I Sacrifice the first attack onto Medusa (dazing her) and bodyguard the second onto Black Bolt. Now it’s time to deal with him, but for some reason I decide to activate Crystal first; sadly my notes don’t explain why I thought that this would be a good idea. However, it pays of as I roll insane dice again and drop Psylocke so Crystal rather sheepishly moves to collect the fallen Extract. Magik picks up the Extract that Rogue had held at the start of the turn and hurts Ms Marvel. Black Bolt does two sets of Master Punch into Wolverine (I wanted to have two separate sources of damage so minimise the effect of X-Ceptional Healing), drawing out Indomitable somewhere in the process too. Crimson Dynamo finishes him off and moves back to score for me. The score is now 11 – 5 in my favour.

Round 3: This has gone much better than I expected due to the largesse of my dice so I have no plans to change course now. This is a very winnable game this round if I’m sensible about order of activation, though I’m not going to get a shot with Black Bolt if Ryan knows what he’s doing. Rogue does indeed immediately daze the King of the Inhumans and puts some tasty damage into Ms Marvel too. She retaliates by using all her tricks – throwing Rogue into Magik, Embiggening and dazing the Sorcerer Supreme and hurting Rogue a bit more. Cyclops plays Children Of The Atom to remove Shock then starts zapping Crystal but can’t quite finish her or Ms Marvel, then Medusa dazes him and KOs Rogue. We finish up at 18 – 5 to me.

Thanks to Ryan for a fun game and for being a gentleman while the dice were doing him dirty. The basic game plan went well for me in the sense that I was expecting a scrum in the middle which I could then leverage my better fighting potential to win. Crystal’s attacks into Psylocke just made the whole thing pretty much irrelevant; poor Betsy only got to activate once to move up into the middle. My choice of cards was a bit careless. Even once Ryan had pointed out to me about Terrigenesis not working on this Crisis, I just wasted a slot with Eyes On The Prize. If I’d played either Quicksilver or Beast instead of Ms Marvel it could have worked out, so I need to be aware of that. Hopefully we can play again soon and our choices can matter more than our dice rolls.

Game 3: Alasdair playing Asgard

Now I’m in the shark tank, Alasdair is a very strong player and I know that I’m in for a tough game. He wins priority and chooses his Extracts so I again go for the nice 19 threat option. I swapped out Ms Marvel for Beast as I think that he’s a better option for Skrulls specifically (though he definitely wants nothing to do with Ultron!) and also allows me to threaten a safe grab on either side of the board with Eyes On The Prize in combination with the Inhumans leadership.

Extraction: Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership
Secure: Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due?
Threat: 19
My team: Black Bolt, Beast, Crystal, Medusa, Crimson Dynamo
My cards: Brace For Impact, Eyes On The Prize, Inhuman Royal Family, Sacrifice, Terrigenesis
Alasdair’s team: Thor, Hela, Skurge, Ultron Metal Tyrant, Wong
Alasdair’s cards: Age Of Ultron, Inspiring Monologue, Odin’s Blessing, Patch Up, Skuttlebutt On Me

Round 1: I’m genuinely not sure how to deal with this match-up. The Asgardians can deal with the Incinerate due to Thor’s leadership and have good resistance to normal attrition due to Hela and Ultron having ‘don’t die now’ abilities. I decide to just get what work done I can on attrition and try not let myself fall too far behind on the scenario. Skurge takes the left Skrull and gets pushed off to irrelevance for a turn. Beast plays Eyes On The Prize, takes a power from Black Bolt and takes the right Skrull, ending up back on my side of the board nicely. Ultron just sits in the middle and picks up a Skrull; I could have done with him getting moved by it! Medusa uses Royal Decree to move Crimson Dynamo forward and gently tickles Ultron, pushing him off the point at least. Wong does Wong things at the back and Crystal attacks Ultron. Hela comes into the middle for the last Skrull and Black Bolt shoots her for not much effect. Thor sits at the back and gives Crimson Dynamo Shock and the return beams fail to roll any wilds at all, nor do any damage. The score is 5 – 2 to Alasdair.

Round 2: I’m committed to the fight now, and I need to hurt Ultron and Hela if I’m going to relieve them of their Skrulls. Hela does some tasty damage to Crystal who fights her right back. She ends up on one health remaining and I remember to play Terrigenesis this time, dazing the God of Death and gaining me a couple of VPs for breathing space. Her actually holding the Skrull doesn’t last long as the Drones finish Crystal off and Black Bolt takes some big damage from Ultron after bodyguarding some shots off Medusa. I decide to take the fight to the Asgardians, throwing Black Bolt into the fray with Master Punch for no damage at all on Ultron or Thor. Wong fails to do the last point of damage on Black Bolt, saving him that particular humiliation, then Crimson Dynamo rolls another 30 or so dice into beams and fails to roll any wilds or do any damage whatsoever. At least he’s well powered up now. Thor throws some terrain at Crimson Dynamo, who pays for Brace, then easily dazes Black Bolt. Beast kills the Drone but misses the wild on the first attack and then kills them on the second so there isn’t anywhere to place; that was a poor move anyway and I’d have been much better off walking over then throwing them away. Skurge comes back into the fray and Medusa dazes him, collecting a Skrull. We go to 7 – 7, which is remarkable as I didn’t feel that anything really landed well for me that turn.

Round 3: I think that I can drop Hela and Skurge this turn, so if I can avoid losing more that Crystal then I’ll feel a bit more comfortable about the rest of the game. Skurge starts us out by dazing Medusa then KOing Crystal with an attack plus a 10 dice Skuttlebutt; not the attrition start I was hoping for. In return, Crimson Dynamo gently caresses Hela and Skurge, applying Shock to neither of them; in return Thor dazes him and does give Shock to Black Bolt. The king uses Whisper (as an aside, doing this the turn after you flip is truly a lovely play experience) which dazes Ultron and does almost nothing to Thor. Wong spends an activation healing, then Beast dazes Hela who plays her ‘get out of jail free’ card and collects a fallen Skrull. The score is 11 – 10 to Alasdair.

Round 4: Well, I basically have the same game plan as last turn since I totally failed to achieve my objective there. Medusa does KO Skurge but fails to do one point of damage to Hela with her builder which annoyingly leaves her without enough power to pick up the Skrull lying at her feet. Luckily for me, Thor has similarly poor dice into Beast who pushes him away and finally KOs Hela. Ultron picks up a fallen Skrull and Black Bolt attacks Ultron but fails to roll any damage on his Master Punch for the third time in a row; at least it gets him back on the point. The score moves to 14 – 13 in my favour.

Round 5: This is going to be very tight; I think I can hang on as Alasdair only has two meaningful activations but both Thor and Ultron can do some crazy damage if the dice favour them. I only need to do enough damage here to play the scenario, which sadly means that Ultron has to go down as he’s still holding a Skrull. Ultron goes first and dazes Beast. Medusa manages to KO Ultron; he comes back with Age Of Ultron but there isn’t anywhere he can go where he both contests a Portal and isn’t within range 3 of Medusa so she throws him away. Thor KOs her in return (and sadly for me there is no Age Of Medusa card to save her), gives Stagger to Black Bolt and collects the fallen Skrull. Crucially he gets moves by it so I send him off the central Portal. We check the board state and nothing else is going to meaningfully change things so we wrap it up there and I’ve somehow managed to hold on at 18 – 16.

Wow, what a tight game! Alasdair is a highly skilled player and I really felt that I wasn’t getting any help from the dice this time. I made some poor moves, especially with Beast in round 2 but overall I was quite happy with the way things panned out. I think if I was to play this again I would probably pick Quicksilver over Crystal; her status conditions are a lot less relevant into Asgard and his triggers to bounce attacks around could be more effective than her doing one extra attack every now and then. Ms Marvel would also be worth of consideration as she has some pretty good control options too, and tends toward consistent damage once she gets powered up enough to Embiggen reliably.

Game 4: Allan playing Wakanda

With four undefeated players and two of them bringing Wakanda, I guess that this match-up was inevitable! It’s quite fun thematically as match-up between royal families. I always enjoy playing Allan, though he’s surely the most variable player in the entire game and equally capable of a 4 – 0 or 0 – 4 finish at any given event. I win priority and choose my Secures, though our Crises were not hugely different anyway; Allan chooses a very nice 19 threat again. I pick Quicksilver this time as I think that I can get good value out of his steal card in this set up. I also consider swapping Rhino in for Crimson Dynamo (or Medusa, I suppose) but decide that he’s probably one for a wider game than this and his mobility would be wasted on Intrusions.

Extraction: Fear Grips World As ‘Worthy’ Terrorise Cities
Secure: Intrusions Open Across City As Seals Collapse
Threat: 19
My team: Black Bolt, Crystal, Medusa, Quicksilver, Crimson Dynamo
My cards: Brace For Impact, Can I Borrow That?, Eyes On The Prize, Inhuman Royal Family, Sacrifice
Allan’s team: M’Baku, Black Panther, Killmonger, Shuri, The Black Widow
Allan’s cards: Advanced R&D, Spirit of Wakanda, Usurp The Throne, Vertical Assistance, Wakanda Forever

Round 1: Allan starts us out by confirming that M’Baku’s leadership will be used. My plan here is to use Quicksilver to steal a Hammer off whoever Allan sends to the left and end up carrying three of them, thus hopefully leaving myself with a scenario edge even if (as I fully expect) I spend the game getting constantly pushed or thrown off Secures. Crystal plays Eyes On The Prize, takes a power from Black Bolt and then takes the right Hammer before retreating a little to safety. M’Baku plays Advanced R&D to enable the Spirit Of Wakanda on his team crowded in the middle then moves over to take the left Hammer. Quicksilver takes a power from Black Bolt, uses Speedster and makes two attacks into M’Baku and steals his Hammer on the second with Can I Borrow That?. Killmonger charges across and does some rather tasty damage into Quicksilver and Black Bolt walks forward and attacks in return. Black Widow plays Vertical Assistance on herself and shoots Black Bolt. Medusa takes the last Hammer, Royal Decrees Crimson Dynamo forward a bit and walks up. Black Panther Pounces, walks up and pushes Crimson Dynamo away again, so the big Russian comes forward and Shocks Widow. Shuri moves up and pushes Medusa off the centre then plays Wakanda Forever to push Crimson Dynamo away too. M’Baku and Killmonger both pay a power to join in but only Quicksilver is in range and he sensibly gets away with Can’t Catch Me. The score is 3 – 3.

Round 2: I want to lean heavily into attrition now that I’m holding the most Hammers so my plan is to just do as much damage as possible and live with losing priority. First order of business is Killmonger and Black Bolt makes short work of him, though sadly the follow-up attack into M’Baku (a much easier target on paper) whiffs completely. M’Baku goes after Quicksilver, fails to do enough damage to daze him and tries to finish the job with a throw which I Brace to be sure about it. Quicksilver clearly benefits a lot from the extra die on his builder attack and goes wild bouncing between M’Baku and Black Panther to daze the latter. I’ll never get another activation like that again! Medusa pushes Shuri off the middle and she comes back in, hops through the Portal and ends up on the left then pushes Black Bolt. Crimson Dynamo and Black Widow also go left and neither of them manage to achieve anything at all. I assume that they had a conversation in Russian, saying ‘shall we just let these crazy royals sort each other out and we’ll go party somewhere else?’ The score goes to 8 – 5 in my favour.

Round 3: I am now feeling pretty good about the tempo of the game. Allan’s team will get a good return turn as I’ve powered them up, and hopefully when I do the same in round 4 it’ll get me over the line. I’m pretty sure that I’ll lose either Quicksilver or Black Bolt before they activate (perhaps both if Allan rolls well) so I just need to be a bit careful about how I manage the rest of my team. I’m also sure that Usurp The Throne will be played here, so if it isn’t the first activation then my primary goal is to drop Killmonger before he gets to use it. Killmonger naturally plays Usurp The Throne but Allan gets greedy. The first attack is into Quicksilver who manages to survive, then the second one I play Sacrifice from Black Bolt to Quicksilver; the speedster does get dazed but I feel good about getting off the hook for that card. Black Bolt dazes M’Baku but his Master Punch into Black Panther does no damage (that’s four in row for those playing along at home). Crimson Dynamo continues his awful run of dice by failing to hurt either Shuri or Black Widow and Medusa KOs Killmonger. In the middle of all this Black Widow taps Crimson Dynamo a couple of times and Black Panther pushes Medusa around. Finally I decide that Crystal is more use in the fray so she comes across and hurts Black Panther. The score is now 11 – 8 to me.

Round 4: I’m despairing of ever doing anything to Black Widow by now but Black Panther is in danger and a good round from Black Bolt could also be enough to KO M’Baku. M’Baku starts us off with an excellent activation, dazing Crimson Dynamo (not much loss to be honest!) and KOing Quicksilver. He also throws Black Bolt away but after all that good work he lets himself down by missing two attempts at jumping through the Portals and ends up stuck on the left again. Black Bolt hurts Black Widow and M’Baku, then leaves Black Panther on just one wound. The Wakandan king dazes Crystal and takes her Hammer so Medusa KOs him in return, then legs it away with three Hammers in tow. I forgot to make a note of the score but I think it must have been 14 – 12 in my favour.

Round 5: I’m confident now as Medusa just has to live through the turn. I start out with Black Bolt as I think that he can clear out the only people who could reach Medusa. He does manage to drop M’Baku but his Master Punch into Black Widow fails for the fifth time in a row to do damage and so she survives when I only needed to do one damage. However, when we measure it out she’s too far away to make a shot into Medusa anyway (and it would be pretty unlikely to KO her from here) so we just talk out the rest of the game. The final score is called at 18 – 15 to me.

Another fun close game, which is the best kind of game. I think that I had pretty much the right idea here but Allan made a few mistakes that just tipped things my way. He spent Wakanda Forever rather cheaply in round one, and then wasted Usurp The Throne by getting greedy and attacking Quicksilver first but not doing enough to daze him. I might have been better leaving Crystal out on her own on the right for longer as she was quit happy scoring me a couple of points each round and when I did send her in it wasn’t particularly effective.

So once the scores come in I’m in second place, decided by the third tie-breaker – well done to Ross for a hard-earned victory over the whole event. I had a lot of fun playing Inhumans, especially as it’s been so rare to see them out in the wild, and I think I might stick with them for a little while. Thanks to Joe, Ryan, Alasdair and Allan for four fun games of MCP, and to Allan (again!) for masterminding the event and indeed the local scene. I’ll be back!

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