Witty Banter Ep 6 – Deep dive on the shocking (?) Shocker

Big news! Thanks to your support, our giveaways are now going to be monthly! The next giveaway is a special one, with the winner getting a single four-threat or less model *and* having it painted by JP! Get your entries in soon, though, because we are drawing the winner in our next episode two weeks from now!

This week, the crew dojos a Spider Foes roster for a new Patreon, and then does a deep dive on one of the newest Spider Foes, the shocking (?) Shocker!

We also give you a sneak peak at the next bonus episode, where JP and the crew talk about going back to the beginning and using Discount Steve as a tool to shake up the current meta. Make sure to join the Patreon to hear the whole thing!

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