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As promised today we take a look at the stats from the first ever Squad Goals, a three person team event in Chicago.

The event was taken down by Mike DeLuca, Nathan ‘Sooner5’ Stickney and Lukas Schieck who beat home town taco truck crew Alex Botts, Pat van Value and Vincent Curkov in the finals.

22 teams attended and the format was no dual characters between the three team members.

With that lets see what got played:

A healthy 20 of 24 (25 if you want to count unaffiliated) affiliations were taken at least once each. Only the Black King Kurtis Osborne himself brought Hellfire Club but of course the tax of that faction for the teammates is much higher than for any other faction in the game so it’s understandable. But if you have the top rated player of a top three affiliation in your team, you should probably give him the tools he needs and make do with what is left (which is also much easier to do in a three person team event than it would be in a five person).

And well Kurtis went 5:0. Which makes HFC the top affiliation of the event.

Event winner Mike DeLuca played Cabal and chipped in 5 wins (and no losses either) for Red Skull 3 Cabal which went extremely well overall as well.

Troy Alanis brought Weapon X and had a very successful 4:1 run, helping his team to a 2:3 record overall.

Good numbers on quite a lot of Avengers games with the bulk surprisingly played under Steve 1 leadership.

Positive record for the only Inhumans player in Josh Maxson.

Brotherhood was one of the most used affiliations, making it to the finals in the hands of Alex Botts, and Mystique is the clear way to go here.

Guardians had a good showing with lots of games played but not a dominant one like it might have been before the CGR nerfs.

MODOKs perfect run is counter balanced by the 0% rate of Klaw. No Shadowland DD is interesting.

By far the most popular affiliation of the event Web Warriors were almost exactly 50%.

The overall top affiliation and leader (Black Panther) of the game “only” made it to 50% overall.

Perfectly even score for the Wizards.

And also for the weirdos.

The streak of X-Force being popular (2nd most taken in the event) and not performing continues for Cable and his gang. That said both finalist teams had an X-Force player so there has to be something there.

Untypically low numbers for Hydra especially under Red Skull.

The only X-Men player, John Eldon, went 2:3 with the newest leadership in the game. Surprising to see only a single X-Men roster between a total of 66 players.

The usual top showing of iTony is counter balanced by a rather terrible record for Nick Fury. Finalist Vincent Curkov went into the final with a 4:0 with two games with each leader and went with Fury against Lukas Schieks Web Warriors. I would like to know if he would chose Fury again if he were to play the game again.

Popular but struggling were the Spider-Foes.

I was surprised to see three Asgard players in the field but sadly it didn’t pan out for any of them.

Untypically unpopular were the Defenders but there might just have been too much overlap with the team members.

One game was played with Black Order (in a dual affiliated roster).


Remember that each character could be used a maximum of 22 times (because 22 was the number of teams attending).

A four way tie for the top spot with 18 uses each. It is probably more interesting that 4 teams did decide against one or more of these characters then them being popular. Thanos was definitely out in force.

Angela is probably the most surprising on the list here. Otherwise no significant outliers.

Electro and Shocker both made it to the event in multiple lists despite being released just before. They seem to be the early stars of the box so far.

Sandman and also newly released Gwenom were in two lists as well.

Actual Core Set 1 Peter Parker made it to an even t. How? I don’t know.

Team tactics cards (not restricted between team members)

No real surprises here. I can imagine some/none/ all of Fall Back, Mission Objective, Eyes on the Prize, This is a Robbery and Age of Ultron will find themselves on the restricted block in the future. But you never know.

Crisis cards in rosters

A pretty expected distribution with Skrulls taken the top spot being a bit more surprising.

Crisis cards for games played:

Shocking noone the most taken crisis cards also came up the most.

A very healthy distribution between priority and non priority wins. 16 remains the least popular threat level with only 11 of 26 possible games being played.

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