SG Protocol: Silver Sable +new TTCs hot takes


AMG gave us the from Panel to Play for Silver Sable and it is a spicy one:

While her stat block looks really bad for a 4 threat it is really deceptive until you look at the rest of her card. A Range 5 Gainer with a Crit Root (and a Crit Wild MAY Push on top of it) is extremely strong. And in a Range 5 Spender that had the potential to just flat out increase the damage dealt by 2 and you can already see that AMG got the Sniper feel right for Silver Sable.

Shot Caller might be one of the best active superpowers in the game. Moving allies and also giving them a power is beyond fantastic. And then you add in that with her Gainer she is almost guaranteed to be able to use it at least once per turn (yeah it isn’t restricted either, just once per character per turn).

Want my Help? Pay Up is another good superpower but less game changing at first impression.

And finally the combination of Snipers Nest and Wall Crawler help make her low defenses much better.

She does change a bit on the injured side (which I like to see used a bit again):

Protect the Asset replaces Want my Help? And is a very very strong superpower. We all know the strength of Got your Back and this is a straight up better version as your character only had to be targeted while holding an extract (something that is pretty likely to happen).

Silver Sable is a Sniper like in an Ego Shooter. You set her up to kill enemy models and hope she’s never attacked herself. But flipping her is dangerous for your opponent because of Protect the Asset and her being able to rearrange her allies with Shot Caller.

Possible Affiliations:

Defenders are soft confirmed in the article. Criminal Syndicate and Spider-Foes could have a chance of getting her too.

Sable International takes Silver Sable over the edge against a lot of other 4 threat options. It’s highly unlikely to ever score you more than 1 VP. But 1 VP for a TTC is a pretty good trade if you ask me. Getting 4 power on her and not spending it on her awesome superpowers is probably the biggest cost here.

Cover Me is a bit expensive but can be extremely good on a front line bruiser like Daredevil or Hulk.

Street Smarts we already knew from Adepticon. Its a good card you should have in your 10 as Defenders.

Overall I expect this box to sell out in minutes. What we know of Shang-Shi so far is looking like the most fun model in MCP and Silver Sable adds to that in being (probably) really good as well. Add in a bunch of TTCs for the already popular Defenders and you have your recipe for success.

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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