SG Protocol: MoM 2: Swedish Wind stats

As promised today we look at the stats of the Swedish LVO Qualifier Multiverse of Malmö 2: Swedish Wind.

The event had a four round day one where, due to last minute drops, both runners of the event kollar (main TO) and huggybear joined the 26 participants.

Day 2 split the event up in three smaller events based on the record of day 1: Top 8, middle 8 and bottom 10. Huggy and kollar droped for day two in order to run everything smoothly.

Let’s see how every affiliation did over the weekend and how many games were played for each.

X-Force won a big event in the hands of Seth. He went 3:1 on day one to get into the top cut and swept that with a perfect 3:0.

Huggy went 4:0 on day one with Spider-Foes. And they were popular and effective overall on the weekend.

“The Collector Ti” gets a special shout-out here. He brought a list with only models on 65mm bases. (Ms. Marvel as a 3 threat who isn’t always but still). Day one he played almost always Malekith Cabal leadership which ended him up with a 1:3 overall record (one game with Dorm). On day two he went a perfect 3:0 using our Dark Lord and saviour as his leader each time.

TheBjorn took Inhumans all the way to the final. Ending up 3:1 on day one and 2:1 on the second. Well done. I’m not sure if he actually did play leaderless.

4:3 for A-Force is definitely better than usual for the faction. Erik Söderlind went 2:2 on day one and 2:1 in the middle bracket on day two.

Creator of the Ultron 2 + MODOK 2 Convo list Mario ‘Eusebio1210’ had a very good day one going 3:1 with his loss being a 22:21 against Dr. Norbert. And then a decent 1:2 in the top bracket on day two. You can watch Mario’s journey here:

And if you speak German you can hear Mario’s, mine as well as Benni (German) and Markos (Austrians) thoughts pre the event and on the newest reveals here:

X-Men were extremely popular and over averagely successful. Untypical low win percentage for Xavier; even better than usual one for Storm.

Webs were decent but not dominant.

Perfectly even numbers for the Guardians. They seem to be just fair nowadays.

Malekith was very popular but didn’t really deliver. Master of the World was impressive. And winning a tournament game with Sin leadership should basically give you an LVO spot right there.

Brotherhood is the first below 50% affiliation.

Asgard was rather popular. Erich Hochhauser brought them to the top 8 cut with a 3:1 and then a 1:2 in the cut.

Sweden is not a good place for Crime.

Emma behind Thanos is also very interesting.

Competitive win with Sentinels!

Winter Guard, Midnight Sons, Hydra, Defenders, Weapon X, SHIELD and notably Wakanda weren’t played at all.

Characters played:

Toad claiming #1 when there aren’t even a lot of Brotherhood players is certainly telling about his strength. And Rhino is also unsurprisingly often splashed (and played in affiliation too of course).

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