SG Protocol: Namor, the Sub-Mariner Hot Takes

Welcome back to SGP. After pixelated half photos of the stat card have been flowing around the internet AMG graced us with the From Panel to Play for Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

He good man.

Ok a bit more details: He is a new Medium Base Long mover so a new natural Safe Grab option (once again for a threat cost of 5. We will hopefully never seen one below that level). Getting 2 power per round is very nice and ignoring damage reduction and TTCs that reduce damage is very unique and strong new design space for him.

Range 2 on both his attacks is mitigated by a “For Atlantis” (Imperius Rex) super power which is more reliable and longer range than Thors (but lacks the throw trigger). His spender can’t be done in combination with that but is very cool in giving you three options. No stealing Cilivians for Atlantis though.

Pretty great is his Strategic Genius by another name so able to stack. Baron Strucker might have a change of heart and join a SHIELD Gunline led by Namor. Speaking of:

We’ve seen the Invaders leadership already and waited for Namors card to be shown off to evaluate it (as it’s unlikely you’d play Steve 2 as your leader sadly). The leadership is very good indeed, and Namor seems absolutely great overall. Giving him access to all the SHIELD cards will also massively increase is survivability which is is biggest concern for me.

Ultimately though I think the card crunch in SHIELD is too high and iTonys leadership too strong on both sides of the puck to give up. Namor himself shouldn’t have too many problems to use the Rerolls from that leadership as well. He’s certainly a very interesting pick for the faction but probably won’t dethrone the existing leaders anytime soon.

I’ve seen Prince’s Protection called “Atalantean for Hire” which is a false comparison (though the name is good) because Namor himself has to pay for the card, not the ally that is being targeted by the attack. He also can’t throw the target but instead AoE pushes every enemy character after placing himself within 1 of the attacker. Situationally better or worse than the throw. It is a very good card but the biggest question is if you volunterely put your rather fragile 5 threat in harms way. Will be situation dependent but I don’t think it’s stapled to him in the way Comrade’s Keeper is to Red Guardian or Heroes for Hire to Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

So we know for sure he is in SHIELD and Defenders has to be a lock too (he’s one of the original three with Strange and Hulk). Where else could he land? Avengers should be likely, Cabal shouldn’t suprise anyone and Wakanda is an outside shot. He’ll also be in the eventually coming Fantastic Four and Illuminati affiliations for sure.

Oh and one more thing: he can carry the Time Gem.

This increases him to 3 power per round making his charge always online. The recall on a stick with unlocked skulls and only 2 power cost is probably best used defensively to negate enemy spikes into him but used on the builder can also easily pay for it self and negate any whiffs he might have. Buuut 6 threat is a lot and I’m not sure Namor does enough for that investment.

Update: Reading helps. Time Gem is only for attacking so I don’t really think it is worth it.

What do you think about the Prince of Atlantis?

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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