SG Protocol: TTS Season 14 Top Cut pre stats

Welcome Back to SGP.

Today we look at the stats going into the TTS Season 14 Top cuts.

35 players qualified for the initial cut with 6 playing once to get into the final 32.

Only one Wakanda list is very surprising indeed; seeing Webs and HFC with big numbers isn’t.

Cabal and X-Force are the popular picks for attrition players.

Three Convocation players also qualified. Good luck especially to Mario ‘Eusebio1210’ of course 😉

Overall 17 of 24 affiliations being present in the event is also a sign of a overall pretty healthy state of the game.

Should something have been done to Baron Zemo in the Cabal affiliation pack? Maybe. He is everybody’s darling at the moment being taken an incredible 20 times across 35 list. No big surprises from 2 – 6 but seeing more SSMs than Miles Moraleses is unexpected. Would be a fantastic chance to get Fearful Symmetry off in a cut game. You’d be immortal if you ever managed to do it 😄

Only 7 Hulks is less than expected. Also “only” 3 MS to 4 SR Thanoses.

No one was super high on him after his Panel to Play but it is Shocker of the new Spider-Foes box who made it into two lists.

Four Ghost Riders is interesting to see. Could be Anti- Ultron Tech.

Scarlet Spider Ben Riley also got taken twice as a new release.

One list left Brace for Impact at home and only five play without Mission Objective. Six more Fall Backs than the next restricted card in Sacrifice.

Marked Menace made 5 of 7 Webs rosters.

Skrulls dethrone Hammers as the most taken crisis overall. Fisk and Montesi are the least taken crisis cards.

Overall the high scoring crisis are the most popular which isn’t a suprise when you see the affiliation spread.

That’s it for the pre stats. Best of luck to everyone involved!

We’ll have more stats once its all done.

Cheers from Germany 🍻

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