HPP 067 – Sugah and Spice Make Green Goblin ANGRY – A Rogue‘s Tale

In this Episode, Will is joined by Chris from That70sGame Blog!  The guys start off by taking a look at the changes to Green Goblin’s character card.  They talk about how he appears to be more capable on the tabletop now and actually able to facilitate the Spider-Foes affiliation with the new Leadership.  The gang mentions some potentially fun interactions that could arise from these changes as well as talk about some of the potential pitfalls.  Then the group breaks down the Queen of Dunks herself, Rogue!  They talk about whether or not she enters MCP as a top-tier all-around threat or just a great in-affiliation piece.  They also discuss ways that you might be able to get the most out of her varied kit and where she might fit best on the battlefield.  Is she the ultimate assassin?  Does she tank even the most lethal strikes?  Is she a midline bruiser?  All this and more are discussed inside!  And don’t forget about the #GIVEAWAY, Sugah!  

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