League Talk: Second Half and Retrospective


Welcome back! I’ll go over the second half of my own league experience and coverage and this time I’ll also go over my overall appreciation of the event. First, a big thanks to everyone who organized and played in it, my experience was really positive, people were very nice and most things lined up pretty well. 

As for the games themselves, I was significatively less successful in the latter half of the league than the first half. In game #4, I played against X-Force and played a very cagey scenario game keeping a comfortable lead for most of the game but ended up overcommitting X-23 and Honey Badger which were promptly taken out. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take out their Sam Wilson fast enough to close the game, giving my opponent the win.

Game #5 was one of those games where the dice just weren’t there. I was pitted against Asgard featuring Hulkbuster. I played a very solid game, played to my outs which made for a very close game until turn 5. My opponent played a fair game and by the end, we both agreed that it was one of those games where variance does what it does. As much as I hate blaming luck for anything, sometimes it happens.

Sadly, I didn’t get to play a sixth game because my opponent and I had conflicting schedules and couldn’t fit it anywhere so no games were played.

Overall, it was a pretty interesting experience as my first online MCP tournament, I was able to play against a lot of new folks with different playstyles and preferences and teams that were very different from local metas and tournaments. I talked to some of the other X-Men players who fared better in the league than I did to get their feedback on what worked for them and what lessons did they learn from their experience. 

Even if I didn’t finish with a good result (3-3) I learned a lot from my experience. The new X-Men is excellent and offers a very diverse pool of midrange characters (3-4 threats) that gives a lot of flexibility to the affiliation. It also made me revise certain scenarios for others I hadn’t really considered so I’ll be giving them a spin during my next games. It makes me pretty inspired to try new strategies and set-ups for the X-Men and see what I can accomplish. Hopefully I’ll be able to perform better in the next league.

Thanks, good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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